This Remains Between Us

Comedy · flat tire theatre company · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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CAROL BECKER certified reviewer June 05, 2022
I appreciated all of the genuine humor and smack-down sibling rivalry within this show. Make no mistake, there was some serious trauma these characters were dealing with, but the story was told in a way that allowed the audience to embrace the dysfunction these two sisters have been dealing with for years. I absolutely appreciated the over-the-top comedic elements and found myself laughing out-loud many times!... full review
THOMAS BLAKELEY certified reviewer June 29, 2022
I may not have siblings myself, but I related HEAVILY to the sister's relationship - and the "twist" was such an ingenious way of making their dynamic into action!... full review
DEVIN GALAUDET certified reviewer June 26, 2022
Strong cast offering exceptional performances.... full review
OLGA LEXELL certified reviewer June 26, 2022
tagged as: funny
I loved it!!!... full review
MEG LIN certified reviewer June 22, 2022
tagged as: brilliant · witty · creative · surprising
I highly recommend watching this show without reading anything about it in advance. I heard the buzz about this show and showed up without any expectations, and I'm so glad that I did because I was delightfully surprised by the story and characters. It's rare to be surprised by storylines these days, so kudos to the playwrights for their creative plot, memorable characters, and witty dialogue.... full review
LYNN BECK certified reviewer June 20, 2022
This show was phenomenal. All three cast members were talented and had incredible dramatic and comedic range, and the directing was smart, moving and funny. I don't want to give away a spoiler. But the visual image of bringing something down from the attic was hysterical. See this show!... full review
CAITLIN WARD certified reviewer June 18, 2022
tagged as: exciting · thoughtful · intimate · hilarious
An incredible intimate show with hilarious twists and turns! It will keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat, rolling with laughter and brimming with compassion. A must-see!... full review
SCOTT LEGGETT theatre theater podcast certified reviewer June 17, 2022
This charming cast was infinitely watchable. The direction was well paced and the writing intriguing. ... full review
THI NGUYEN certified reviewer June 13, 2022
tagged as: family drama · creative · Dark Comedy
Dark comedy, YES. Puns, YES! Sisters, I can relate! I thought this play was clever with the unexpected twist midway. It helped moved the story along without being predictable. Morgyn and Katherine wrote a strong play that entertained me the entire time. I appreciated their creativity while exploring a tenuous but heartfelt relationship between two sisters. ... full review
ADITYA PUTCHA certified reviewer June 12, 2022
tagged as: intense · emotional · dark · funny
A powerful story about long-suppressed pain, with some awesome black comedy thrown in.... full review