Welcome to the Neighborhood

Immersive & Games · loose change · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

A new outdoor experience from the creators of HFF winners Vote for MURDER! and Unreal City.

Hello Neighbor!

Bob and Cindy here! We couldn’t be more excited to invite you to our 7th (technically 8th) 4th of July Celebration BBQ! It sure has been a heck of time since that nuclear missile test went awry last spring! But I think we speak for everyone in our little community when we say, it sure is good to be out of those bunkers and back above ground!

Now that we’ve received the all clear from the government that the worst of the fallout is over, we can hem and haw like we used to before we all turned into quarantined closet cases. Anyhoo, it will be an absolute gas getting to know all our new neighbors while shaking off all the underground cares away! We’ll have plenty to nip and knaw on even if you’re one of those new-fangled “vegans”, whatever those are, I haven’t the slightest.

Oh won’t you join us? We are simply bursting at the seams to meet our new neighbors and catch up with old friends, but that just might be the quarantine isolation talking! Ring-a-ding-ding!

Please score one of our RSVP’s before they’re scooped up by clicking on the TICKETS link above, we promise it will be the living end! And remember, we will be checking your anti-radiation cards before welcoming you to cut a rug and mingle till the porch lights come on. You better believe this outdoor celebration is a fully immersive event and you may find yourself in close conversation with other members of the community! So to keep our bash as safe and radiation-free as possible, we can’t let ANYONE (not even you, Ned!) through our gates without proof of either both anti-radiation shots or negative-radiation results from the past 72 hours. Thanks for your cooperation new friends! We hope you can make the scene!

Your nifty neighbors,
Bob and Cindy

Reviews for Neighborhood

WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a madcap hour of backyard hotdogs, intrigue, politics, radiation, and outer space.” – Matt Richey, Gia on the Move

Production Team

leigh wulff *

cindy nelson

gregory guy gorden *

harry deforrest

peter fluet *

bob nelson

dana deruyck *

linda carter-scruggs

everjohn feliciano *

barry deforrest

linda muggeridge *

costume design

kelly o'malley *

marilyn silver

lucas alifano  *

odell huggins

kristen boulé *


esther mira *

social media manager

* Fringe Veteran