Dana DeRuyck (she/her)


Recently appeared in Steve Martin’s Meteor Shower at Little Fish Theatre, as well as Scott Derrickson/C. Robert Cargill’s segment “Dreamkill” in the film V/H/S/85. Platinum Award for Best Acting Duo (A Girl Problem) at the Independent Shorts Awards (LA, March 2020). Performs yearly at  Gallifrey One (the world’s largest Doctor Who fan convention) with sketch comedy group The Idiot’s Lantern, and occasionally does standup comedy when she feels like it. Previous HFF shows: Welcome to the Neighborhood (2021); Jane Austen’s Emma Frankenstein (2018); Robot Monster the Musical (2017); MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH, Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance (2016); Fifty Shades of Shrew, Breaking Bard, The Poe Show (2015), Deity Clutch (2011).