new musicals inc. · Ages 8+ · family friendly · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

  • 2021 PICK OF THE FRINGE selection!

A stablehand who wants to be a knight. A noblewoman who wants her freedom. And the monster who wants to eat them both.

GIDEON AND THE BLUNDERSNORP is a witty musical set in a medieval fantasy world. The plot concerns a stablehand and highborn noble girl teaming up to save a royal cavalier from a rampaging monster. The theme of the show is: are our futures determined by social class, or can we create our own destinies through choice and action?

Suitable for grownups, kids (6 and up), and well-behaved monsters.

A new musical from the creators of THE BULLY PROBLEM. (Encore Award Winner. Nominated for seven HFF19 awards including Best Musical, Top of the Fringe, and Fringe First.)

Directed by Matthew Toronto
Produced by Elise Dewsberry
Music, book, and lyrics by Michael Gordon Shapiro
Presented in association with New Musicals Inc.

- (Combined Artform & Fringe Management)

“The most flawless fun I’ve found at the 2021 HFF.”
- Ernest Kearny,

“The hour flies by so quickly and enjoyably that you will want to stay and see more.”
- Rob Stevens,

“Catchy tunes and clean-cut dialogue create a musical appropriate for all fantasy lovers regardless of age.”
- Shari Barrett, Better

Highlights from AUDIENCE reviews:

“What a FANTASTIC cast! What an energetic ensemble and fun adventure of a show! The music was great! If at all possible SEE THIS ONE LIVE!”

“Super fun. Charming. Los of chuckles and laugh out loud moments. Songs were expertly performed by a very talented cast. Treat yourself!”

“The music was very catchy, the actors all did an amazing job with every element of the show. Seamless set changes – didn’t even notice when they happened at times! Very creative problem solving in how to effectively show things like a horse-chase scene on stage.”

“An imaginative and ideal hour-long musical with which to introduce school youngsters to live theatre! Why isn’t it in the LA curriculum already?”

“Love it! The characters were hilarious, the interaction with the audience was a treat and the songs were so much fun! Amazingly well crafted.”

“Truly imaginative design, way above Fringe standards; brisk and effective staging; inventive and entertaining choreography. Excellent family affair – no bad words, no bad news, bring the kids, fun for all.”

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production team

elise dewsberry *

producer, nmi

michael gordon shapiro *

producer, composer, writer, lyricist

beth wallan *

production stage manager

thomas buckley *

music director

edward hansen *

production designer

denise barrett *

costume designer

maggie ek *

alanna, viscountess of cembria

ember everett *

the troubadour

tyler stilwill *

trent the bandit leader

emily jones *


casey alcoser *

master trammel

deborah apodaca *

spike the bandit

jenna luck *

raven the bandit

kaylor toronto *

scrub the bandit

gregory crafts *

lighting design

nathan lee *

live sound manager

* Fringe Veteran