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MARIA WILSON certified reviewer August 31, 2021
"Transsetter" is a beautifully heartfelt show of a human transitioning into her true identity as a trans woman named Veronica. This show was laugh out loud funny while also educating us on the hardships, heartache and insecurity of stepping into your true identity; something I think every human can relate to in one capacity or another. I loved how Veronica honored her old identity, a man named Carey, while also embracing her new identity. This juxtaposition allowed us to really feel that back and forth struggle of how Veronica emerged through the cracks of old held beliefs from Carey and the outdated, judgmental world we live in today. Through laughter and tears, heartache and triumph, Veronica inspires all of us to live our truth and honor ... full review
JENNIFER ASHE certified reviewer August 28, 2021
A heartfelt tale that was told with such honesty, bravery and humor. Veronica's journey from Carey to Veronica today was delightfully awkward, making me squirm for Carey's struggles and cheer as Veronica finally came through. Thank you for sharing it with us.... full review
DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE night tinted glasses certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: solo · wisdom · gentleness · pain · triumph · moving · humor · Courage · transgender
A one person show about how Carey Matthews became Veronica Carey Matthews, told with the same kind of humor which I always loved in my friend. But lots more naked honesty. ... full review
ROBYN MIGEL certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: Brave · thoughtful · fun · funny
Great show, enjoyed the journey, talented actress... full review
JAIR BULA certified reviewer August 25, 2021
An amazing show! It combines vulnerability with comedy. Entertaining all the way.... full review
JOHN CASSIDY certified reviewer August 23, 2021
Veronica is such a gifted actress. She finds a way to combine stand up comedy, drama and impressions beautifully. Such a strong show you can really empathize with and a powerful story.... full review
KIRA POWELL certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: important · touching · funny · hilarious
I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! It is personal, engaging and hilarious! You can just tell Veronica is an experienced performer. I was so gripped by her story and by how incredibly talented she is, morphing into so many different characters, all while making me laugh deep belly laughs! I see an extremely bright future for this show!!! ... full review
BARBARA SABA certified reviewer August 23, 2021
Veronica fills up the stage with her sparkling personality. She's honest and filterless. The kind of person I'd like to have on my side as a friend, probably the best one. This show is MUST SEE. ... full review
MARYLEE HERRMANN certified reviewer August 23, 2021
In a time when so many people are frustrated at having to pivot their external lives, in TRANSSETTER, ‘Veronica’ narrates the journey of how a pandemic helps ‘Carey’ finally find the courage bring real transition in his life. Bravely and hilariously she shares the story of ‘Carey’ whose self-identity is in question, as he faces the challenges of pursuing a career as an actor in Hollywood. Through a variety of characters (each so well-defined by Matthews in accents and mannerisms) and Veronica’s narration, we are taken on the ride of what it is like to go internally and find the courage to disregard society’s opinions of what and who you are ‘supposed to be’ (based on a body you happen to get at birth) and instead embrace your soul and be wh... full review
KEVIN BONE certified reviewer August 22, 2021
This was one of the bravest shows I’ve seen. And, I should mention, funny! A wonderful exploration of questions of self and identity, not only coming to terms with but also honoring whatever truths might be unveiled along the way. ... full review