rebecca o'brien's solo show directed by cameron watson · Ages 21+ · United States of America

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MARCY GOLDMAN certified reviewer June 02, 2023
Superbly done. It was charming, poignant, funny and incredibly informative. Rebecca was so brave to tell her story with such heart and such great humor. I can't recommend this show highly enough and especially for people who have been through a breast cancer scare or have loved ones who have been through it. I am so lucky that I got to see this production!... full review
NICOLE KEATING certified reviewer August 16, 2023
This show was an incredible example of how we can turn our challenges into aesthetic experiences capable of uplifting and inspiring audiences. The show was hilarious and poignant, tragic and comedic, heartbreaking yet heartwarming and transcendent. Bravo Rebecca! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 24, 2023
Funny in parts, heartwarming in parts, but the script needs work to turn it into a play. It acks dramatic structure, which it need not, because the parts are there. For example, were the Bristol Farms scene broken into three four parts, it could provide the scaffold: 1) broke and exhausted, she needed to find a way to feed herself, is envious of customers at Bristol Farms; 2) weeks later, at BF again, she discovers the free samples strategy, including complimenting the tattoos; 3) late or end of play, in remission, she returns to BF with her own tattoo.... full review
CAROLFRANCES LIKINS certified reviewer June 26, 2023
Entertaining and enlightening! Rebecca became so many people, their voices, their expressions, so we could see them.... full review
CHRIS FARAH certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Charming, adorable, sweet and triumphant!... full review
MARLA COTOVSKY certified reviewer June 24, 2023
There are not enough gigantic positive incredible adjectives to describe Rebecca O’Brien!!! She is an outstanding actress performing her phenomenal originally written story of the fight for her life while traversing Los Angeles with her adorable beloved support dog, Stella on the L. A. bus system, in particular, the 117 bus. Rebecca introduces us to the cast of characters made up of family, friends and strangers that made up her “team” that helped her through years of doctor appointments, surgeries, blood draws and ultimately survival. Getting There has been extended…3 more shows and all her shows have been selling out. Get your tickets now!!! ... full review
MATT RITCHEY gia on the move certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Rebecca gives the best performance I’ve seen this Fringe - vulnerable, honest, complex. Truly a treat to behold. ... full review
LUKA LYMAN certified reviewer June 23, 2023
Getting There was great! Rebecca is a beautiful actress, she knows how to really be with the audience and also how to carry us along. She becomes her memorable characters easily and we suddenly see a new person before us. The story is engaging and moving. ... full review
KIRSTEN VANGSNESS certified reviewer June 22, 2023
This is a super special show. It’s fascinating, shaped beautifully, heartbreaking and heart healing with more healing than breaking. You will be glad you chose to spend the time to see it as it is time well spent. What Rebecca has created with Getting There is EXACTLY what a solo performance should be about- it’s brave and irreverent and truly could only be told by the woman that wrote it.... full review
CHRISTOPHER CHIANESI certified reviewer June 22, 2023
tagged as: storyteller · writer · actor · solo show
A poignant and charming autobiographical show! ... full review