The Women of Tu-Na House

comedy · mad cat productions · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show
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RICHARD ADAMS certified reviewer June 13, 2012
RICHARD ADAMS, The World Socialist Website (review to be posted soon) When the earlier version of this multi-character solo show, written and performed by Nancy Eng played at last year’s New York Fringe, solid reviews and sold-out houses must have created an atmosphere that justified listing it in the Hollywood Fringe as a comedy. While there are plenty of laughs, mainly provoked by tough talk by little ladies and searing cross-cultural, sometimes multilingual wit, at its heart, this is serious material. The title refers to the House’s misprinted sign: an inept painter dropped the “I” in Tui Na, a form of traditional Asian massage. Ms. Eng plays all the masseuses who work in Tu-Na House, a brownstone on New York’s Upper East Si... full review
PAUL ELLIOTT certified reviewer June 17, 2012
An enjoyable hour with a creative actress. It's a shame the costuming changes were so poorly handled and the over-all production values are so poor. the show deserves better. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 13, 2012
Nancy Eng is an artist. That much is quite evident in this production, as she portrays eight very different characters with one common trait - they are involved in the sex industry. Performed with candor and honesty, The Women of Tu-Na House is almost an expose' on this industry, and the attitudes of the owners and workers there. Despite the small house, Nancy delivered a knock-out performance. Although it was not perfect, it was gutsy, raw and real. I learned alot about my previous misconceptions about this industry, and left the show feeling more knowledgeable and better equipped to understand. I especially loved her portrayal of The Cat Lady, a prostitute with a heart of gold, who despite the loss of her cat of 19 years, wen... full review
THERESA WU certified reviewer June 17, 2012
Wonderful performance! I really enjoyed the honesty, humor and saddness in these characters. Thoughtfully written, the play weaved between raw and witty characters that presented a layered presentation of Nancy Eng's talent, poise and comedic timing...and oh, how it was funny. I would highly recommend this play!!! ... full review
TERRY CHAN certified reviewer June 16, 2012
Nancy Eng did a fantastic job in portraying her multi-character performance. Her characters were distinct as they were portrayed with different accents, posture, and wardrobe change. It was thought provoking and funny at the same time. A definite must see!... full review
CAROL NACE certified reviewer June 15, 2012
We thought it seemed like the actress was late and thus rushed. She missed lines and came back to them and there was a technical sound issue. The play started late and ran late. We have other shows to see and this is a problem for us. ... full review
SUI WONG certified reviewer June 19, 2012
The Women of Tu-Na House is the type of show that needs to be put out more. You hardly hear from the perspectives of the Chinese delivery man to the Latin maid or any blue collar types that most people see on a daily that no one thinks about. Here you have Nancy Eng and her colorful characters dishing out their stories about working in a brothel. The show is daring and funny as hell. What really did it for me were the references of HB Studios in New York City. One of her character talks about her experiences with the Johns and how they get caught off guard that she does not speak with an Asian accent. So, to be more "authentic" she enrolls in HB Studios for acting classes to better serve her Johns to fancy their stereotypes. The other ref... full review
MIJA BANG certified reviewer June 25, 2012
Nancy Eng's stage presence and flawless characterizations will captivate you in an instant. Her performance was riveting and brutally honest. If you haven't seen Nancy Eng's one woman show, THE WOMEN OF TU-NA HOUSE, GO SEE IT! You won't be disappointed. In fact, you will be enlightened.... full review
PAT MCFADDEN certified reviewer June 17, 2012
Excellent piece, and I hope it comes back! Nancy has taken her experiences, associations, and the cultural insights that could only come from a New Yorker, and given the stage a fascinating set of people. You laugh at them, you laugh with them, you weep for them, and you know them all. Great show! ... full review