The Road to High Street

comedy · andrew potter productions · Ages 12+ · United States

one person show
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CINDY MARIE JENKINS certified reviewer June 16, 2012
You know the old joke about someone pulling out their pictures, home videos and guitar, trapping you until you can find an excuse to leave? Andrew Potter can trap me with his stories and music anytime. There is much more to this performance than can be gleaned from the postcard or blurb. After interviewing Andrew ( , I re-scheduled my day in order to see his show. It was worth it in every way. He is a storyteller, musician, street performer, documentarian, son, father - and uses all of these skills to his advantage, sharing a life most of us wish we had the guts to pursue. If you ever wonder, "Is it all worth it?" or ponder the role of a... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2012
I really, really enjoyed Andrew's show. He has an interesting story to tell and he tells it in a creative and appealing way. While I've seen some things I was not fond of at Fringe this year, Andrew Potter's play was a bright spot. It is a sincerely told story about a life on the roads pursuing a dream. Maybe it's just the kindred artistic spirit in me but I left that theatre with my heart warmed and my spirit lifted. And I think you will too - no matter what your dream may be. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 09, 2013
The Road to High Street is a fun hour long show that takes the audience on a tour of Andrew Potter's career as a busker. I think he could easily fill two or three hours with all of his stories. While the show meanders a bit and maybe loses a bit of focus in the middle it is still an entertaining hour. I would love to hear and see more of his own stories and adventures from San Francisco and his international destinations. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 15, 2013
As a music and theatre critic, I jumped at the chance to see a show which combined elements of both my passions, and I was not disappointed. Andrew Potter is a gem as he presented his multi-media presentation of his life as a busker on the streets of San Francisco and around the world. Together with his partner Wheeler Cole, they wowed audiences everywhere they went. Potter has truly captured the essence of this life in his presentation. A definite must see!... full review
MIKE TARGUS certified reviewer June 30, 2013
It's always awesome to see an individual as genuine and creative as Andrew find their way in show business. The characters and stories he brings to light will leave you with a smile for the rest of the day, and the parts that may choke you up, will re-enforce your resolve going forward. GREAT PIECE OF ART, GO SEE IT!... full review
ELLEN DOSTAL certified reviewer June 17, 2013
I decided to see Andrew Potter's one man show The Road to High Street after reading a glowing recommendation from a theatre colleague who saw it last year's Fringe Festival. I trust her judgment and felt that if she loved it that much, there must be something there. Plus, he was back for a second go-round at the Fringe and that's always a good sign. The topic already interested me as I'm familiar with the world of busking and have many friends who got their start performing for crowds on the street and living off the fortunes gained from passing the hat. It's a tough life, the success of which depends on one's ability to be likeable, creative, and flexible in every given moment. You must also wholeheartedly love what you do. Potter is ... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN certified reviewer June 14, 2013
This should be a really fascinating story (a man has traveled the world as a street performer). But having stories and being able to tell them are not the same. [If you want to watch a man sit in a chair for an hour and show you some home videos- by all means...] full review
SHEANA OCHOA certified reviewer June 17, 2013
I arrived at the Asylum Lab where Andrew Potter had fifteen minutes to load in – by himself. Anyone who has ever had creative aspirations should see The Road to High Street, wherein Potter plays the writer, director, raconteur, technical designer, video producer, musical score – all while being his own stage manager. A mild-mannered, unassuming Potter sits holding his guitar, manipulating a laptop on his right to project to the screen on his left. The guy can juggle. Seriously, he’s a busker. One video showed him juggling lawn chairs. I didn’t know what a busker was either, but I’ll enlighten you: To busk comes from the Spanish to seek. The noun busker refers to a street performer seeking, well, an audience, and money. Potter recounts his... full review