Homeless Romantic

Comedy · independent · Ages 21+ · United States of America

one person show
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THERESA RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 11, 2022
tagged as: down to earth · real · hilarious
Tony Bartolone is a great story teller. He has such a way with the audience. I was entertained and laughing the entire show. I Definitely recommend this show.... full review
MEL TARNIN certified reviewer June 11, 2022
tagged as: jokes · story teller · dramatic · heartfelt · Comedy
Tony is hilarious and offers a unique perspective as a homeless person in Los Angeles before it was a social issue on most people's minds. The jokes are well written and the fearless style Tony adds to it imbues an opportunity to laugh at dark matters while maintaining heart and never throwing punches at anyone but himself.... full review
MARIEL GOFFREDI certified reviewer June 05, 2022
Tony is both hilarious and relatable. His ability to make the audience laugh while also making them feel like his closest friends is remarkable. I will be watching Tony's career like a hawk, because he is going to blow up in this city.... full review
MELANIE EHRLICH certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Tony shares the realities of homelessness in LA with no sugarcoating, his lived experience giving the audience some no-bullshit insight into the city around us from beginning to end--and manages to be really funny while doing so. See this intelligently crafted show if you can!... full review
GENAH REDDING certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Fantastic show. Great writing and jokes with a lot of heart.... full review
TERRENCE TAYLOR certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Homeless Romantic? More like HONEST Romantic. Tony opens up about his life in truth mixed with stand-up comedy. A combination that is not easy. He totally rocks in this one man show.... full review
EBONY RATTLE certified reviewer June 24, 2023
tagged as: instant noodles · romance · Comedy
An extremely emotional and intentional comedy piece with flawless writing and strong direction. ... full review
DAN PREVETTE certified reviewer June 22, 2023
The perfect Hollywood Fringe show! Tony has this city in his bones and it shows up on stage. Whether he's talking about downtown, the subway, or the open mics, this show is a love letter to the Los Angeles that doesn't get a lot of love. Considering how hard his life has been, his show is blast. It's hilarious, it's sweet, and it's one of a kind. ... full review
ANDREW YANKER certified reviewer June 22, 2023
This was an insightful uplifting show that makes you count your lucky stars and think a lot about what we have to be grateful for in our society. Tony took us on a journey of what it was like to be homeless in Los Angeles and it's a story that has to be told considering the rapid rise in homelessness post pandemic. He was unabashedly himself, a romantic, a droll standup comic, but also a survivor and a fighter who despite all the tragedy in his life, has kept his sense of humor, warmth and shown his true resilience. ... full review
MORGAN SMALLEY certified reviewer June 17, 2023
tagged as: rich · the · eat
Heartfelt! Vulnerable! Hilarious! Weird! ... full review