Dan Prevette

Dan Prevette is a writer, performer, and speaker based in Los Angeles, California. He has performed as a stand up, improvisor, and live storyteller for multiple outlets including FLAPPERS, THE BREW HAHA, MAKING LOVE WITH DAVID MAGIDOFF, THE MOTH STORYSLAM, TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE, MONKEY BUTLER and UCB  MESS HALL. He is a founding member of the indie improv team SOME KINDA MONSTER, which created and developed an original form of improvised Law and Order and enjoyed a multi-year run at UCB SUNSET. He has been featured on a variety of podcasts including GOOD CHRISTIAN FUN, THE MIGHTY MIDDLE, GROUP TEXT, and THE KINSHIP COLLECTIVE, as well as co-producing and co-hosting THE BACK PEW, an R-rated podcast about faith and spirituality. As an actor and writer, he’s been involved in numerous ad campaigns and a wide variety of scripted projects including COLLEGE HUMOR, STARTRIPPER, FANTASIES, RESEARCH, INSIDE THE EXTRAS STUDIO, I HATE IT, and DIANI AND DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE. When off stage Dan works as a professional writer and creative consultant. He is 6’7" and thinks you should know the top of your fridge is probably filthy.