This Was Never Supposed To Be A One Woman Show

bipolar fantasy squad · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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JEREMY ALUMA certified reviewer July 14, 2023
"This Was Never Supposed To Be A One Woman Show" blew me away! I had the privilege of attending this unique performance by Samantha Bowling, and let me tell you, it was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. So, picture this: Samantha, who used to be part of the comedy duo Bipolar Fantasy Squad with her friend Brittany Belland, finds herself on stage alone after Brittany's tragic death. You can imagine the weight of grief and loss she carries, but she fearlessly takes the spotlight and uses her incredible comedic talent to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. The show is this beautiful mix of dark comedy, variety acts, and personal stories that had me laughing one moment and holding back tears the next. Samantha's authenticity ... full review
ROBERT VESTAL certified reviewer June 04, 2023
tagged as: powerful · women · solo · live music · improv · Comedy · drama · mental health
This comedy about about some seriously uncomedic events was so thoughtful and moving, but also delightful and funny. The show moves through its 90 minutes at wonderfully fast pace. It goes to a variety of places and never feels paint-by-numbers. Samantha is puts on a masterful performance keeping her audience intimately engaged, through her at-ease comic vibe, improvisation, gorgeous singing and music, and even some dance and physical comedy. This piece was so well written and well performed. I can’t recommend this show enough.... full review
DAN PREVETTE certified reviewer June 04, 2023
I was spellbound. This is a very special show, and Samantha is a rare performer; multi-talented, instantly winning, and brave in a way many of us can only aspire to be. The fact that she created this show is magical, but the fact that it's as good as it is miraculous. I felt touched and seen. This is a reminder of the healing power of theatre. ... full review
ALEX ALPHARAOH certified reviewer July 24, 2023
This show needs to be commissioned so that it can tour nationally. The first thing that came to mind after experiencing Samantha's solo performance was "what happens next?" This show was masterfully written with an incredible sense of dignity and integrity. Samantha is a powerful performer that effortlessly morphs into a variety of characters that are charming, entertaining, and even at times scary. Samantha tackles difficult topics of life and death, mental health, sexual assault, and suicide among others with a brilliant strokes of comedy, magical realism, song, and dance. Samantha's confidence is the light that guides the show through the various ups and downs of a friendship that is forged in love, a guidance that is blessed with divine ... full review
GRACE VIGEANT certified reviewer June 24, 2023
tagged as: music · humor · mental health · important · vulnerable
Sam's performance is an incredible work of art. I am so grateful that she vulnerably (*and* humorously *and* musically *and* tapdance-ly *and*...) shared her story with us. It's an incredibly important story—one that isn't often understood and that I deeply resonate with. I am grateful to Sam for bravely bringing others in and sharing what it's like to struggle, love those that struggle, and ultimately come out the other side loving life more deeply and fully then ever. Bra-freaking-vo! My hope for this show is that more people get to connect with it! Also, phew. That was one of those juicy, cathartic cries. Also 10/10 on the glitter & fringe usage throughout.... full review
WILLIAM HEIDRICH certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Incredibly intimate, soul wrenching. Moving forward defiantly in order to move on. Laughing and crying in roughly equal proportion. A loving tribute to those lost and to our future selves.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 20, 2023
tagged as: clever · emotional · funny · Raw · powerful
Phenomenal show. Funny, clever, powerful, sad. I really loved this performance and the writing was perfection. ... full review
JAZMINE ALUMA certified reviewer July 29, 2023
What a talented team Sam and Kyla are! Exquisite work. I highly recommend!... full review
CAMERON GREGG certified reviewer July 31, 2023
Not only one of the most compelling one person shows I've seen - one of the most moving and transcendent pieces I've seen in a long time. Tackling these topics are hard enough. The fact that what came together was at once so intensely personal, hilarious, and profoundly human blew me away. ... full review
ANDREW RICKS JR certified reviewer July 21, 2023
"This was Never Supposed to be a one Woman Show," was a marvel of theatrical performance. Samantha Bowling, the titular "Woman," and the solitary actor of the play was tempest of contrasts. She was at turns, resolute and irresolute. Insecure and confident. Conflicted and decisive. Poignant and uproariously funny. Bowling's performance contained multitudes of feeling, insightful philosophic insights, wry references to pop culture, discourses on mental health particularly manic/depression, and a mastery of multiple disciplines; tap dance, musical instrument, monologue, impersonation, singing, comedy and very briefly even gymnastics. Bowling's physicality went hand-in-hand with the themes of her performance, which included, but was not limited ... full review