Robert Vestal

ROBERT VESTAL (Cherokee) is an actor, writer, and director based in Los Angeles. He started his career in ’96 in his hometown of Chicago where he graduated from the University of Chicago and studied improvisation at The Second City. He is also a graduate of The Groundlings program in Los Angeles. He has appeared in numerous commercials and is a veteran of the Stage having performed in front of an audience literally thousands of times. His film and television credits include ER, It’s All Relative, Young Cesar, and the ALMA Award winning film No Turning Back. Rob has worked with Native Voices at the Autry since 2002 having performed in The Buz’Gem Blues, The Berlin Blues, Jump Kiss, Kino and Teresa, Teaching Disco Square Dancing, Off the Rails and the audio play Super Indian. He is currently a Lead Artist in the Native Voices Artists Ensemble, and he currently performs in The Really Awesome Improv Show at The Second City. Also, Rob co-founded with Darrell Dennis the all-Native American comedy troupe the Mayflower Welcoming Committee. He has also worked with the Native Radio Theater Project having performed twice at the National Audio Theater Festivals and wrote and directed The Bullfrog Lover, based on a Cherokee myth. In 2014 Rob won the Von Marie Atchley Excellence in Playwriting Award for A Little of the Top. His other writing and directing credits range from stage plays to short films and include Reservoir Logs, The Key to the Fourth Wall, I Know What You Did Last Spring Break, and Jerry. Rob has taught at public schools in California and Illinois and has taught improv and acting at First Stage in Los Angeles and at Native Voices.

Walking on Eggshells in Stilettos

Walking On Eggshells In Stilettos: A dark comedy about bipolar disorder & child abuse. With characters, multimedia, physical comedy, we journey with Ann-Marie as she steps out of negative patterns into her own power, self love & some sexy stilettos!

A Solo Show with Jokes...and Espionage

Saurabh Kikani was the nerdiest, most awkward teen in the world. In 1996, he was in a summer program at Oxford where he happened to see the movie Mission:Impossible, and his life changed forever. This is a solo show with jokes...and espionage.