Tabletop (the musical)

mb stage productions, llc · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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MICHAEL GORDON SHAPIRO certified reviewer June 17, 2019
A show that successfully blends D&D culture homage with engaging character arcs and a great score, exploring the sometimes-enabling, sometimes-concerning relationship between RPG enthusiasts and their passion.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2019
Creative idea, well written, and well executed.... full review
KELSEY COHEN certified reviewer June 21, 2019
tagged as: geeky · funny · catchy · exciting
A fun show that goes beyond just a unique concept. Laugh out loud funny and genuinely moving at times. Songs were catchy and performers were strong actors and singers. Anyone that appreciates storytelling as escapism will connect with and love this musical. I can’t wait to hear a cast recording. ... full review
SUSANNAH SNOWDEN-IFFT certified reviewer July 03, 2019
tagged as: geek theater
These artists took on the challenge of creating a Dungeons and Dragons musical and they pulled it off brilliantly!... full review
MARTIN RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 19, 2019
A great first run of performing this show. We were told that this show is in its workshopping phase- and I think this is a great foundation for that phase. A really creative way to tell this type of story. Catchy songs, relatable characters, and some fun inside jokes thrown in for the DnD fanbase. ... full review
IAN PRICE certified reviewer June 19, 2019
A pretty cleaver musical about a small friend-group united around their love for D&D and Tabletop RPGs. Solid acting, singing, choreography, including some fights that just made me go "oh man, that sounded like it hurt." Though it feels a bit long, if you can fit it into your schedule, I don't think you'll be disappointed.... full review
BRIAN CAELLEIGH certified reviewer June 21, 2019
tagged as: Must See
Absolute brilliance in writing, staging, and performance. ... full review
KYLE THOMPSON certified reviewer June 21, 2019
tagged as: amazing · fun · relatable · inspirational · funny · moving
I absolutely loved the show AND I thought it was a brilliantly constructed musical. “Tabletop" succeeds not only in being a spirited, fun, funny, touching, nuanced exploration of gaming culture, but also in being a human story that anyone can relate to. The show is "about" tabletop games, which I really enjoy playing, so one might suspect I'd enjoy the musical if it was sufficiently nerdy. But in reality, the show is about relationships, insecurities, and emotions we all grapple with. It’s just that these characters do this grappling both inside and outside their gaming world, which ends up both masking problems and allowing for the resolution of others. And that’s the real genius of “Tabletop,” the characters learn and grow in two real... full review
JESSIE LYN THOMPSON certified reviewer June 21, 2019
Tabletop was a fun, fresh and exciting adventure into the world of role-playing games and the players who play them. The story follows the critical successes and sometimes failures of a long-term RPG gaming group, weaving the fantasy world of Vaelrun with the real-life struggles that each of the characters faced. It spotlights the dangers and delights that an immersive campaign can offer players both in game and out. It shows the audience a place where relationships, strategy, teamwork, dedication and imagination all collide to find balance and meaning. As we navigate through the tabletop campaign, we encounter all the highs and lows of life itself: from sorrow, loss, laughter, triumph, love and everything in between. ... full review