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Ascend: When Myths Fall, Heroes Rise

immersive theatre · hidden realms · Ages 12+ · 2hrs · United States of America

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The gods of four great mythological pantheons (Greek, Egyptian, Maya, & Chinese) call on you, their lost demigod children, to save them from an ancient threat. However, some of the gods have their own plans for this rising power. Go on quests to find the truth about the gods, prove yourself in divine challenges and ultimately decide how this story ends.

Many key narrative plot points and endings are entirely dependent on the choices of the demigod audience. The demigod audience may follow several suggested narrative paths through this multi-room production, but are encouraged to forge a path of their own throughout the evening in this theme park-like experience.

Before the show each demigod audience member will be asked to complete a short personality quiz revealing who their godly parent is, as well as what special power they’ve inherited. Throughout the experience, the demigod audience can participate in different branching quests and challenges such as archery and mummification before aiding the gods in a final battle.

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Demigod audience members should anticipate being on their feet for the majority of this event.

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