No Matter Watt - The Musical!

gordon stephen matheson jr · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

NO MATTER WATT has now completed its sold out Hollywood Fringe Festival run. You may view the archived show online for free at your convenience here:

The liquor is gone. The drugs are gone. The girls are gone. And the money soon enough will be.

Lonely in his drab apartment, Posco Hamwhich squints at a naked light bulb dangling from above, his sole source of illumination. Suffocating, searching for who knows what, he pilots his liability of a car to a bar, and the chase is on to score one more hit, one more drink, one more shot to get it right. After striking out on every level, Posco finds himself barely seated on a bar stool next to a weird hip-hop wannabe named Bumdinger. He’s clearly mistaken Posco for some savant savior who has a clue, when from out of the blue he asks him “What is your message?” Confused, speechless, Posco hits the road. But where does that road lead, and why should we care anyway about this lovable loser who’s been resisting any form of redemption with every step?

NO MATTER WATT is the inspiring and electrifying new musical from Gordon Stephen Matheson, Jr. premiering LIVE ON STAGE as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival on these dates only:

Saturday, August 7 @ 7pm – Preview
Thursday, August 12 @ 5pm – Opening Night!
Sunday, August 15 @ 12:30pm – Matinee
Saturday, August 21 @ 2pm – Matinee
Sunday August 22 @ 8pm – Closing Night!
Sunday’s final performance will also be LIVE STREAMED, and is available across the country to watch LIVE at 8:00 pm PDT, and with the same “Ticket” link provided may be viewed at your convenience later that night, or on the following day.

Robert Gallegos as Posco Hamwhich
Claudia Rosario Olvera as Hope WattTheHell
Jeremy Ebenstein as Bill Sikritz
Peg Farber-Burr as Annabelle WattTheHell
John Lauri as Bumdinger Chasenipples
Brigit Comeau as Our Lady of Perpetual Disappointment
Marcel Licera as Awesome Ensemble Member
Megan Peck as Equally Awesome Ensemble Member #2

“No Matter Watt – The Musical!”
Story, lyrics, and music composed by Gordon Stephen Matheson, Jr.
Directed by Steven Vlasak
Musical Director: Robert Hall
Choreography and Movement Design by Soda Persi
Costumes by Christine Vlasak
Produced by Gordon Stephen Matheson, Jr.
Production Assistant/Associate Video Producer: Johnny Cassidy
Lighting Design/Stage Manager: Rachel Manheimer
Graphic design by
Light bulb logo designed by Richard Roberts
Streaming Manager/Videographer: Matt Kamimura

No Matter Watt is a live theatrical experience presented before a live audience. Your ticket gets you a guaranteed seat in the theater. Seats are first-come-first-served so arrive early if you’d like to select your own seat(s) on entry. All Covid public safety guidelines in effect for LA County that day will be observed. Currently, that means in order to enter the theater you will need to present proof of vaccination, or of a negative test within 72 hours, along with photo ID. You do not need to provide any proof to buy tickets online NOW. Shows start promptly at their scheduled times. Late seating is at the discretion of the theater management, and latecomers may be denied entry. This is Hollywood, so please allow plenty of time to find street parking if you drive. Ridesharing or public transportation is highly encouraged. And since you’ll be there anyway, why not book another Fringe Festival show right before or after this one? Please see for restaurant and hotel recommendations to help plan your visit. Feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions.

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Production Team

christine vlasak *

costume designer

robert hall *

music supervisor

posco hamwhich *

by robert gallegos (lead)

soda persi *


hope watthehell  *

by claudia rosario olvera

bumdinger chasenipples *

by john lauri (antagonist associate)

bill "shubopdubayhad" sikritz *

by jeremy ebenstein (wise lovable mentor)

annabelle wattthell *

by peg farber-burr (recovering mother)

* Fringe Veteran