The Last Croissant

ensemble theatre · the attic collective · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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JOE DESOTO certified reviewer June 14, 2019
I'll start by saying that this show is unequivocally a must-see! It is easily one of the best Fringe shows I've ever seen, and I would go as far as to say that it ranks highly among the best pieces of theatre I've seen period. Veronica Tijoe's story is engaging and playful with just the right amount of magical realism. The staging is truly extraordinary and miles beyond what one would expect from a Fringe show. Lex Gernon has created a gorgeous playground for the performers (though I shutter at the thought of loading it in and out every night). Rebecca Carr's costumes look fabulous as do the bevy of props she's provided. And Rosie Glen-Lambert's direction is simply inspiring. Lovely stage pictures, countless well-crafted moments, and consis... full review
JAMES COUGAR CANFIELD certified reviewer June 06, 2019
tagged as: Absurdist · weird · comedy
What a good time! A fun, wacky romp!... full review
HEATHER DOWLING certified reviewer June 06, 2019
Rosie Glen-Lambert and Veronica Tjioe have done it again - SURROUNDED by a fantastic cast and crew in a setting that completely draws you in to a story that is endearing, absurd, tender and hilarious! ... full review
MARCUS J FREED certified reviewer June 07, 2019
tagged as: funny · excellent · captivating
Rosie Glen-Lambert is one of the best directors that the Hollywood Fringe has seen in years. Rosie is a fearless director and highly capable, bringing excellent performances from the actors, playing all the comic moments, and working the company around a highly elaborate set that is rare to see in a fringe production - especially one that has to be set up in 15 minutes. The action is well-timed and there isn’t a dull moment in the play. The Last Croissant is a must-see, so get your tickets now before the sell out, or you’ll have to wait until the Encore Awards, or their US tour, or the TV adaptation, or whatever happens next with this rocking piece. The Attic Collective is an excellent theatre company who work well together as an ensembl... full review
JOSH HILLINGER certified reviewer June 07, 2019
Great acting, joyful characters, borders on a clown piece (that's a good thing), fun script with lovely moments, well directed, tons of fun. The Last Croissant will certainly win awards at this year's Fringe. The Attic Collective is a very exciting company that I look forward to following for a long time.... full review
MIKE REYES certified reviewer July 03, 2019
tagged as: funny · hilarious · magical realism · camping · surreal · clever · witty
From the moment even before the show began (I would advise arriving early for some delightful musical pre-show shenanigans), I had a smile on my face which didn't leave until hours after I left the theatre. This absolute gem of a show is one of the most unique, captivating productions, and a masterclass in comedic writing, ensemble performance, and magical realism. The Attic Collective's sophomore showing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival from top to bottom was near flawless, from their jaw-dropping meticulous, crafted set design to their group of beyond talented actors who are so in sync with each other. The story of the Last Croissant follows nine unique individuals all who happen to converge upon the same campground. Although they eac... full review
MITCHELL BISSCHOP certified reviewer June 07, 2019
So good! So many creative and fun choices made by this theatre company and the actors I don't know where to begin. The show starts from the minute you walk in. The set is awesome. The acting is the star of the show! Too many wonderful moments to mention and I don't want to spoil any of the fun. Go see it!... full review
ZACHARY BERNSTEIN certified reviewer June 14, 2019
Ultimately a very enjoyable show that should appeal to anyone who likes their humor silly.... full review
CAMERON PARKER certified reviewer June 24, 2019
tagged as: comedy
The Last Croissant surrounds you with the sounds and feelings of camping in the woods while parading it's quirky colorful characters through existential crises. ... full review
JIM BLANCHETTE certified reviewer June 24, 2019
tagged as: absurd · Quirky fun · well directed · comedy · Mad Cap
This show is loaded with silliness and an avant-garde aesthetic. Veronica Tjioe sets the stage with her wonderfully quirky script. Rosie Glen-Lambert expertly moves the pace of this show from each farcical setup to the next. She lets each strange and wonderful character breathe and become fully realized without letting them get over the top. The actors are all fully engaged in the show's unique style and are all clearly enjoying themselves. Get a ticket if you can. It's tremendous amount of fun. ... full review