Storycrafting w/ Matt Ritchey

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VICTOR SOTOMAYOR certified reviewer February 02, 2019
I’m so glad I took this workshop. Matt has a sensibility and charisma that allowed me to explore different options with my own project. Not only did I learn about blocking, marketing, working with actors, subtext and a few techniques but I learned how to stand back and watch how he interpreted my work in a different way that I would have never imagined when I wrote it. I recommend this class to first time Directors and actors who would like to work on their respective projects and leave this workshop accomplished and excited about taking it to the next level.... full review
GORDON MATHESON certified reviewer March 11, 2019
tagged as: amazing · awesome · informative · inspiring
Great Director class in Hollywood! Great fun . Matt Ritchey was inspiring ! I highly recommend him. A must for Fringe presenters. The time flew by. I had a smile on my face as I sat and watched him bring out elements of a simple script read and showed many angles to view the material from. ... full review
MICHAEL WILLER certified reviewer February 03, 2019
Matt's experience in not only directing, but directing for theater specifically (which in LA is less common than you'd think) shows in this class. He has great instincts backed up by tons of experience, so what can you lose? I am absolutely happy with the time we spent in this class. Part of it was lecture-style with Q&A, and a larger part was a hands-on approach to tackling scenes we brought in. Matt is engaging, energetic, and an enthusiastic teacher with a natural style that only comes from years of experience. If you're a beginner and need to know what the heck a director does, or you're a vet and need a refresher in the world of theater (me), this course is a no-brainer. Take it!... full review
ERIC DEPRIESTER certified reviewer February 04, 2019
A thorough and thoroughly helpful crash course on directing. Matt Ritchey brought a wealth of experience and a conversational tone to the workshop, making it informative without ever bogging down in detail. The introduction and Q&A portions were great, but the second half, where we co-directed our scenes with Matt, was exactly what I needed. Matt gave us the technical language to direct on stage, coached us on techniques to keep a positive cast/crew, and showed us how to creatively approach blocking. All in all, I would recommend this class to anyone who needs a introduction, or a refresher, to directing theater. ... full review