The Obama Effect

ensemble theatre · the marshall studio · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States of America

The Obama Effect is a one act play that deals with how Barack Obama changed the conversation in America. We will follow a group of people as we see how Obama’s candidacy and election changed the conversation across the political spectrum. Obama’s Presidency was a sign of hope for many. For others it may have turned out otherwise.

production team

bevin bru *

marta / carmen

rebecca cook *

virginia / ashley

mitchell hatter *

barry / samuel

jeron jackson *

rev davis / quinton

rosena cornet *

trina / linda

adam bussell *

nathan / bob

daniel kotto *


nomsa l. mlambo *

emma / beatrice

angel prater *

anna / lynette

james ken blackmon *

darryl / oliver

lillian campbell *

executive producer

david mckay *

productions designer

* Fringe Veteran