Girl Band in the Men's Room

theatre · dirtie blonde productions · Ages 13+ · United States

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THEATRE UNLEASHED certified reviewer June 12, 2011
This story brought me back to high school, back when the cool kids wore flannel and had Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Nirvana blasting from their CD players. A very human story about the fear of fame, the struggle to preserve one's integrity, both artistic and personal, even when offered the opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true, and brought to life by four strong performances, "Girl Band In The Men's Room" is definitely something worth seeing. Go for the memories. Go for the story. Go for the spot-on accent work (seriously, I was impressed!) Just go.... full review
FEE DOYLE la theatre review certified reviewer June 23, 2011
Wonderful. These women really lay it out bare in a surprising drama. Made me want to call my old friends and listen to Nirvana. ... full review
CINDY MARIE JENKINS certified reviewer June 13, 2011
GBITMR is a completely engrossing and fun time. Specific enough to portray truly real issues in the music industry without alienating people outside of it, everyone can connect to these women who desperately want success without sacrificing integrity. Perfectly cast and beautifully constructed, I could have sat in that theater longer and heard even more about these characters. Tons of fun and also lots to ponder on fame and friendship and artistic choices. I highly encourage everyone to see it! ... full review
ADAM EMPEROR SOUTHARD certified reviewer June 22, 2011
Girl Band in the Men’s Room is an hour long exploration into the diverse personalities that make up a band on the verge of success. I loved the tight and clever writing and the fantastic character work all of the actors clearly put in. The acting and directing were stellar and the audience ate up every moment of it. On a personal note, I wish I had sat nearer the stage as the Fringe Annex has plenty of visibility issues and I couldn’t see any of the lovely business involving a bass guitar and its strings. That being said, I really enjoyed this funny, smart and moving new work.... full review
JULIE CIVIELLO certified reviewer June 22, 2011
Feeling as though I were peeping through a hole in the ladies' room to spy into the men's room, I viewed the intimate, vulnerable, honest, as well as manipulative story of Girl Band in the Men's room. Even though I was a member of a full house, the ladies performing did their utmost to make us feel like their exchanges were a secret, perhaps because just outside the door lurked the band's manager and mother of the lead guitarist, Rachel, (played by Katherine Skelton)whom the characters, especially Rachel, were trying to avoid. The often comical as well as angsty performance was a joy to be a part of. Kat Primeau as Merce, was terrific, a show stealer even when she leaned against the filthy bathroom walls in the background. Lisa Marie Summers... full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer July 19, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic for Stage and Cinema here. Here is a link to my updated review of GIRL BAND. full review
CHRISTOPHER LOZINSKI certified reviewer June 18, 2011
Brilliant, Just Brilliant. I reviewed a lot of performances last year, but none were on the caliber of these guys. My first compliments go to the playwright. Here was a girl band, they were opening for a famous group, and were on the verge of being signed by a major label. No wonder they were nervous and tense. But they acted it so well. Each of them was a stong character in their own right, and the interactions were just brilliant. But most impressively the performance was great, including the short performance of the drunk. I also loved the props. Just a urinal on a wall, and a bathroom stall wall, but very powerful. What I loved about this was the sense of these young adults, so passionate about the issues being raised, and ac... full review
CASEY GATES certified reviewer June 18, 2011
I've been looking forward to seeing this show for weeks and I was not let down. The grunge, the hair, the set, the wonderful script and the great performances made this show one of my favorites of the Fringe so far. A strong piece about strong women and these actresses did it justice. The relationships and history between these band members were strong and pulsing under the surface. The only constructive criticism I would have would be about some of the directing choices in the delivery of the opening monologue and first few beats; it didn't seem to fit or set me up for the ride I was so excited to be on. But that may also be in the writing and I would be interested to see how it reads on the page. GREAT show and I would highly suggest it t... full review
DAVID WISEHART certified reviewer June 24, 2011
This is an excellent show with sharp writing, well-defined characters, spot-on nostalgia, and engaging performances. Go see this show!... full review
CYNTHIA BRINKMAN certified reviewer June 25, 2011
This show was cast perfectly – the women on stage hold a chemistry and presence that makes you think they’ve been rocking out together for years. The storyline and characters kept me engaged with the band and their story from the second we see their writer and lead guitarist take the stage. Lisa Summerscales plays an exceptionally funny Murphy with excellent comedic timing and Kat Primeau embodied that je ne sais quoi of the band’s lead singer perfectly. An entertaining time, a beautiful story of friendship and loyalty, and a trip down memory lane to when flannel wasn’t just something we wore to bed. So get your urinal-marking pens out and PEN this into your Fringe schedule – a men’s bathroom never looked so good!... full review