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theatre · wisehart productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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PAM NOLES June 19, 2011
Basically, all of those people who say JUST GO SEE THIS? They. Are. Dead. On. Seriously, people. This man can write a fiercely tight, multi-layered tale that comes in at 1/2-hour (!!!) and deserves no spoilers. The actors who bring it home are superb. Dude. Awesome. ... full review
MICHAEL BRYANT June 19, 2011
I went to see Endgame today at The Complex on Santa Monica Bd. David Wisehart was there of course, the writer, producer, director, composer, lyricist, and of course the offical greeter! The play was about 30 minutes long with three actors, Rachel Andrea Cox (Minette), Couso (Devon), and Wesley Schilling (Barista Bob). I enjoyed the play at several levels. The acting was very good! The play itself left me with feelings of sadness and grief for Minette and anger towards Devon. Even though Devon's situation is tragic it is unforgivable. Poor Minette, so sad. David's use of the characters, in their actions and language, along with the the setting came together to provide an entertainig and an emotionally charged play well worth seeing. Do... full review
SAM VIEIRA June 20, 2011
Terrific concept, and one of the few times I've seen a game of chess on stage be actually riveting. These actors are capable and entertaining and are tackling excellent work. Shout out to the barista who steals the scene more than once.... full review
Endgame is a fun one-act by David Wisehart that keeps you guessing. Sometimes it sacrifices character for rhythm, but soon the actors win you over and the story evolves into an introspective journey. Simplicity works completely in this production's favor, though it felt like it needed a subtly different feel when the story takes a new turn. ... full review
THEATRE UNLEASHED certified reviewer June 09, 2011
A short, clever one-act, David Wisehart's ENDGAME is a bite-sized, yet filling theatrical experience. At barely 30 minutes, it will fit easily into your Fringe schedule and is certainly worth the time to see it. ... full review
KAT PRIMEAU certified reviewer June 09, 2011
Simple, sweet, and with a delightful twist at the end, this is a theatrical treat for fans of "No Exit" and other existential riddles. I thought I knew what was coming but was pleasantly surprised to find myself wrong. A charming addition to the fringe melange, it's easy to fit into the schedule at less than 30 minutes.... full review
SUMMER LITWIN certified reviewer June 11, 2011
This coffeehouse brews up mystery. Great interactions with the characters and a curious journey. A game of chess has never been so revealing.... full review

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