Broadway Noir

musicals and operas · sugimation productions · Ages 21+ · world premiere · United States of America

“Stop looking – the Best of Fringe is Broadway Noir.” – Fringe review (from someone we don’t know!)

“Tip your fedora, lift your martini to toast, and get ready for Dan Sugi’s musical mystery world premiere where everyone can have a really good time…the musical genius has outdone himself on this one!” -Broadway World (

“Energetic and fun.” -Fringe Review

Broadway Noir – New York’s finest against Broadway’s babies!

Come dressed in your 1940’s finest to peel back the curtains and go behind the scenes into the shady inner workings of the theatre business. Follow two of New York’s finest detectives as they investigate the disappearance of Broadway’s brightest new star. Eavesdrop as they interrogate bumbling producers, caffeine-crazed directors, and mirror-hungry actors, in this one-of-kind original musical comedy. Come for the spectacle, get lost in the mystery, leave with…well… we can’t tell you how it ends, that’s the point.

production team

julia lisa *

director/ producer

dan sugimoto *

writer/musical director

nathan ondracek *

roger mitchell

lauren byrd  *

lucy shapiro

zachary johnson-dunlop *

chief, robert frost/lighting designer

samantha bussard *

stella alt/sherri

arielle fodor *

lucy u.s./stella alt

nick rubando *

jones/ ezekiel u.s.

cassandra white *

zelda u.s./ swing

adam lau *

mr. fox / ensemble

erik blair *

stage manager/ swing

* Fringe Veteran