Angel's Flight

cabaret & variety · cyanide theatre · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere
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VIRGINIA RIDGERS certified reviewer June 05, 2016
tagged as: Noir · comedy · burlesque · cabaret · crime · thriller · funny · silly · fun
This LA noir crime thriller mixes up a wild comedy cocktail with a sexy Burlesque twist. Firstly, I’m a sucker for old Hollywood so they had me at “noir”. I was rewarded immediately with the opening act which is a fun theatrical take on opening movie credits. It’s clear from the start that you’re going to get your money’s worth here. There is an overall feeling that one is watching an actual film and that you’re some how a part of it. Once again, writer, Benjamin Schwartz seems to have co-written his new play specifically for this venue (see Zip Ties from 2015). Writer/Director, Matt Richey brings the whole thing to life and they both have clearly done their research on the genre. The Three Clubs provides the perfect setting f... full review
STEPHANIE LYN certified reviewer June 06, 2016
I didn't quite know what to expect going into the show and the bar-venue, but from the first couple of minutes with the opening "credits" and the James Bond feel, I knew this would be extremely well-written and thought through to even the smallest of details. It didn't disappoint at all, in fact... the action just continued to increase in momentum. It felt like the audience was included in the scenes, and it seemed you were almost dialoguing right along with the entire cast. The team did an outstanding job casting this show. The gumshoe detective, the beautiful burlesque girls, the mob boss and the crooked cops all were perfectly matched to the roles they played. It is fascinating to think about how the writers crafted a legitimate mystery, ... full review
JOHN SPIVEY certified reviewer June 04, 2016
Bloody fucking brilliant. Especially the fish scene. ... full review
BENJAMIN WATT certified reviewer June 05, 2016
tagged as: Noir · comedy · satire · live music · alcohol
Great writing, crisp (perfectly "over") acting, and a feminist kick in the guts, it's a hilarious little Fringe piece that is a perfect pick up for anyone. Live music and an intimate space make this more of a gathering of friends than a show where you must needs invest your whole heart and soul. Please consider giving these guys A LARGER STAGE.... full review
DAVID MICHAEL TAYLOR certified reviewer June 06, 2016
Easily the slickest HFF show I've ever seen. The postage stamp-sized stage at Three Clubs is put to excellent use in this noir musical parody, taking us from one end of 1940s LA to the other and back again. A chorus of talented and gorgeous burlie-cuties provide eye-popping and jaw-dropping song and dance numbers, while the stars of the show play their parts to perfection. If only every show I see was this expertly put together.... full review
RYAN LISMAN certified reviewer June 06, 2016
tagged as: hilarious · clever · witty · Engaging · captivating
The show truly was fantastic, having worked with Benjamin Schwartz and Matt Ritchey in prior productions, it filled my heart with so much joy to see them collaborate and create this hilarious script, you could see both of their unique styles of Comedy in every inch of the script. You are going to have a hard time finding another Fringe Show that is so well-crafted and filled with so much passion. See this show, there is literally no reason not to, I imagine it would be almost impossible for someone to not have a good time seeing Angel's Flight. ... full review
ROBERT WATSON certified reviewer June 13, 2016
It had me laughing the whole way through. From the beginning "credits" to the very end, the humor and parody of 1940s film noir was fresh and imaginative. The Direction and choreography were superb for the space. And the actors did a wonderful job of immersing the audience into their world, sometimes even breaking the fourth wall in order to poke fun at themselves. Overall, Benjamin Schwartz captured the style of Film Noir perfectly in this well written, and hilarious, script, and the director and the actors did a fantastic job bringing it to life. I highly recommended seeing this Pick of the Fringe show.... full review
RYAN J-W SMITH certified reviewer June 14, 2016
tagged as: fun · classy · sexy · comedy
A guaranteed good time. As anyone who knows my shows will tell you, I love direct address and actors breaking the 'fourth wall' to include the audience as part of the show. As such, this funny and classy, well-directed show was right up my alley. Great job to all involved. ... full review
ERIK BLAIR certified reviewer June 15, 2016
tagged as: funny · laughter · Good · great · hysterical · goofy · film noir · Burleseque · sexy · lovely · Ladies · sexual · comedy
I love the film noir genre. Love it with a passion. So I walked into Angel's Flight with a hope that I was going to enjoy what is billed as a "film noir-infused burlesque comedy" over at Three Clubs. Enjoy isn't the right word. DEVOURED is a far better choice. Angel's Flight is a BLAST and a gem of a parody of the film noir genre. Take a character determined to get to the bottom of a mystery. Take women who seem determined to either get in his way or make his life hell. Take some mobster-types who want to beat him up. And some cop-types who want to do the same. And then just mix it all up with some comedy and a LOT of alliteration. And you've got Angel's flight. Lots of laughs in all the right places. LOTS of dames with curves. Also in al... full review
LAUREN SIMON certified reviewer June 16, 2016
Matt Ritchey and Benjamin Schwartz have teamed up to write a highly successful blend of Noir and Comedy augmented by Burlesque and live music. Schwartz seems able to do justice to whatever genre he wants to write, between his Tarantinoesque "Zip Ties" in 2015 and now "Angel's Flight", 'noir at the bar' as they call it. With an intricate plot, snappy dialogue, laughs from beginning to end, Director/Writer Ritchey has put up a stylishly Noir production, perfectly cast. From the very first moment I knew I was in for a treat. Schoen Hodges as Duff in his fedora and trench coat, along with the two seedy cops aptly played by David Garber and Benjamin Schwartz, pull us right into the Sam Spade era. The ladies from Cherry Poppins add the gli... full review