La La La Strada

dance & physical theatre · proboscis theatre company · Ages 17+ · United States of America

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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer June 12, 2015
LA LA LA STRADA “La La La Strada” is another show customed fit for the Fringe. It is an unhappy fact that shows of its nature would have a difficult time realizing commercial production, hindered not by any supposed or actual flaws, but by those elements within the show constituting its strengths and fundamental appeal; elements which would intimidate “producers” of the more timid types. The Proboscis Theater Company has given their audience something “different”. “Different” can be exciting. “Different” can be adventurous. “Different” can be fascinating. The Proboscis Theater Company has succeeded in all three. Taking as its foundation Federico Fellini’s 1954 “La Strada”, considered by some his masterpiece, the ensemble uses dance,... full review
NINA SALLINEN certified reviewer June 27, 2015
Wonderful show!... full review
ANDREW AMANI certified reviewer June 08, 2015
If you are not familiar with Federico Fellini's work, I would strongly suggest seeing "La Strada" (available on Hulu) before seeing this. This way, you will appreciate the artistry behind this work presented by Proboscis Theater. It's easy enough to find but here is the wikipedia link to: Because I was not familiar with the work, I had no point of reference. Regardless, I thought it was a wonderful mixture of circus, puppetry, and live accompaniment rendered for the stage. Well done. It could use a little more shadow work though but that is my personal preference. But I am going to watch the film and come back and see this show again! This show deserves it. They did an amazing job and the overal... full review
ROBIN WALSH certified reviewer June 23, 2015
If you liked Halfwit’s - then this show is a MUST. With exquisite clowning, music, circus and puppetry, it succeeds in being more than the sum of it’s parts. It draws you into Fellini’s dream world, as it tells the story behind the filming of Fellini’s La Strada. Coming from out of town, and being over at the Actor’s Company will make it a hard sell for many. But if you catch one show - make this one it. ... full review