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Cold Fusion

ensemble theatre · dh squared productions · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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WILL SEAVER certified reviewer June 08, 2015
Enjoyed it. Nicely written play and the cast & director did a real good job.... full review
CYANNE MCCLAIRIAN certified reviewer June 08, 2015
tagged as: science · suspense · enjoyable
Well written & well acted. Smart & suspenseful. My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed it.... full review
C. ROBERTS June 08, 2015
tagged as: Good
A strong story enhanced by stronger performances. Interesting, specific tale that's unique without being too weird.... full review
SINA TEE June 09, 2015
I don't get to attend theater or plays often but after making it out to cold fusion I was so delighted that I went and saw it live. It had all the right elements and twists of a great story, it was well written and the cast were all fantastic! ... full review
MATTHEW MARTIN June 12, 2015
Being that it's one of the few dramas at the Fringe this year, Ingrid Moss has done a great job of making her audience think. This show is soft and intense and will pull you along to the amazing finish that you don't see coming. With strong performances from the entire cast, this show has a lot of great moments that will keep you talking well after you leave the theater. ... full review
MIKE DOWLING June 22, 2015
Some of the hardest acting to do is the "Two guys in a room" scene. The two main leads of Cold Fusion, David Harper and David Henne give great performances in a show that seems so simple, and only when its over do you realize how complex it was. Henne and Harper have great chemistry and play off each other in this very quick show which cuts back and forth between two different time periods in character Trevor Clendenin's life. Each time period adds another layer to the story which bleeds into the next. The show is over before you know it and I found myself asking "What happens next?" ... full review
ZOEY SIWEK June 14, 2015
Well written and well acted piece. Definitely worth seeing this entertaining piece.... full review
JAEGER CHRISTIAN certified reviewer June 21, 2015
David Harper and David Henne are great performers and deserve every accolade that comes their way!... full review
PETE WONG June 22, 2015
Didn't know what to expect going in, didn't want to know. Was looking forward to just be part of a new theatre show I had not seen before. I loved it! Story was interesting and touched on topics we don't get to see often on stage or in the narrative form! When asked what was my favourite part I'd have to say the exchanges with the characters! Though the subject matter was scientific in nature I could relate easily with the actors and the story at hand! Props to everybody involved! It's great to see what happens when everybody involved seems to be committed whole heartedly into their craft and passion! Keep it up team! Look forward to seeing more! From one thespian to another, congrats!... full review
HEATHER DOWLING certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: intrigue · original · surprising
COLD FUSION was interesting and engaging from the moment the lights went up - thanks in large part to great performances and chemistry between David Shea Henne and David Harper. To have such a complex plot come to life and to a satisfying conclusion in under an hour is an impressive accomplishment! Kudos to the entire cast and crew for a wonderful performance!... full review

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