'Dentity Crisis

comedy · alexa-sascha lewin and selah victor · Ages 17+ · United States

How do you prove to the world you’re sane when everyone around you is crazy? Sanity and identity are put to the test in this insane comedy!
Edith Fromage can barely keep up with all of the men in her life – her repressed husband Arthur, her Oedipal son Dwayne, her senile father, and her amorous French benefactor the Count de Rochelay – all four played by her son Robert who has multiple personality disorder. Meanwhile, Jane is doing her best to stay sane…
Come for a fast and hilarious ride through a crazy funhouse. You’ll either be relieved you aren’t in the Fromage family or wish you could join the party. Plus, all guests will enjoy delicious banana bread from the kitchen of Edith Fromage… mmm, banana bread.

Production Team

selah victor *


alexa-sascha lewin *


* Fringe Veteran