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Boneyard and Talisman

ensemble theatre · elephant theatre company · world premiere · United States

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JASON LOTT June 15, 2013
I really dug this set of 2 one-acts set in a post-apocalyptic LA. THE BONEYARD Solid direction and staging. Great push-pull relationship between the characters. Fantastic physical work by Joseph Tomasini in the shovel sequences. Plus, Kate Huffman's character was incredibly well-defined; you could feel her struggle between love and selfishness. TALISMAN Dreamy/nightmare/near-death scenes sometimes have a tendency to drag, but they kept the pace moving at the June 8 show and sucked me into the reality of the surreality... These types of scenes aren't usually my favorite, but I bought in. Plus, the transition piece between the one-acts was alternately unsettling and physically impressive. Totally Fringey... Go see...... full review
MARTY PAPAZIAN June 16, 2013
Great play! Great writing! Great directing! Great acting! This is LA theater at its finest. A very exciting, thought provoking, and shocking new play. Def. a must see!... full review
Really enjoyed these two one acts. Joe Tomasini and Kate Huffman do a great job with their characters and physicality in Boneyard, a well-written serio-com that keeps you wanting more. The Talisman was a different piece, one that I usually wouldn't pick, but I ended up really enjoying it. Also nice to see such great production quality at the Fringe. Lights, sounds, and props were very nicely done. ... full review
SUSAN HUCKLE June 17, 2013
Strong actors with a thought-provoking yet very funny script. Go see it!... full review
GREG PIEDLOW June 17, 2013
Great show with fantastic performances all around! Both one-acts were packed with quick, funny dialogue, strong tension, and dark, challenging subject matter. Very enjoyable!... full review
DAVID DOKO June 17, 2013
Fantastic presentation of two one-act plays. Kate Huffman, Joe Tomasini and actor/writer Tim McNeil delineate lyrical characters of beauty and desperation, set against the post apocalyptic horizons of death and decay (at least a decay that emits no smell). The spoken words and acting are a comedy of the grotesque. Excellent job by all.... full review
DAVID SCOTT June 24, 2013
Bonyard and Tallisman is an interesting experiment, but at times seemed more of an exercise than a full production; merely an opportunity for the actors to display their wares (a vanity production). The writing needs editing and my friend and I were never sure where the plays took place or the general circumstances. They seemed related both to each other and to a terrible time in the future, but it was never articulated. The acting was very good, though in the first piece the young lady (Kate Huffman) at times strained her whole being trying to be interesting. She was better in the companion piece, but again the play seemed to plod along with no clear destination. The play just faded out, as did the female character. Of course, it didn'... full review
FRED KAPP June 25, 2013
Great pair of two short plays, one pre- and one post-apocalypse. The script by Tim McNeil manages to be disarmingly humorous in its depiction of some very macabre material. It begins with The Boneyard, which features a heartbreaking (and back-breaking) performance by Joseph Tomasini, with Kate Huffman playing his jittery junkie girlfriend, as he digs up a painful past. After an apocalyptic dance number, we go into Talisman, which sees Huffman in a very different role, one with a bit of a twist, playing opposite the playwright, in a (somewhat) civil negotiation for survival. These plays are an excellent and relevant piece of live theater, see this show!... full review
ANONYMOUS June 23, 2013
Whoa. These 2 one-acts take the theater-goer on a ride into rotting graves and post-apocalyptic metaphors. Buckle up and put your thinking cap on for a visceral ride. Great stuff that you'll be thinking about for a week. If nothing else, go to see actor Kate Huffman's stunning transformation from junkie to... well... you'll see...... full review

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