Kevin Delin

Dr. Kevin Delin took a few writing courses (among other things) at MIT from playwright A.R. Gurney and author Frank Conroy. Unable to convince backers to turn his textbook, Foundations of Applied Superconductivity, into the Broadway spectacular it deserved to be*, he has found other ways of making mischief in the entertainment industry. In addition to writing, he uses his extensive tech background and work experience in both Silicon Valley and NASA to advise those who want to ground their entertainment in science. You can read his regular contributions in Script Magazine and Footlights and follow him on Twitter @kdelin.

*Kevin is still looking for backers for his superconductivity Broadway project which now includes the original songs, “By the Fermi Sea”, “I confess: hate BCS”, “Flux Me, Flux You”, “Fribbit Me Wot”, “The Tunneling of Love”, and “No Assistance, No Resistance”, as well as the choreographed “Dance of the Cooper Pairs” which includes the new ballet movement: the quantum leap.