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comedy · mahoobla productions in association with jack zullo · Ages 21+ · world premiere · United States

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Great cast and a great execution. The Three of Clubs is the perfect venue for this show. Seeing Jack Zullo strut around the stage and do his disco moves was worth the price of admission. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT June 19, 2013
Other than Jack Zullo, I was not impressed with the cast. Long form improv is difficult on a good day, and this was definitely not a good day. It started going downhill when they somehow changed the activity of "tweeting" to a discussion of "tweeds." Better luck next time.... full review
ELYSE COOK certified reviewer June 18, 2013
Cocktails was a pleasant way to while away some time on a Saturday afternoon. Although the pacing was a bit off, there were many clever, laugh-out-loud moments in this extended improv. Good job!... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN certified reviewer June 17, 2013
Occasionally funny long form improv. I have to believe the cast will have better shows, but the framework they've chosen (same location, same characters, extended running time) will make it challenging on the best of days. IO is open all year- see a play. full review
CINDY MARIE JENKINS certified reviewer June 22, 2013
I caught it on a night when some of the troupe missed the show. Many in the ensemble had a strong basis for improv and interesting characters off the bat , but repeated things we'd already covered without ever really bringing more to the story. Zullo has chops above most in the cast, and seemed to be the only one who integrated the audience suggestions at the beginning. ... full review

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