solo performance · bill ratner · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2013
Bill Ratner is a wonderful storyteller, and this story is well worth experiencing. He brings a time to life that is truly gone, but makes it immediate and relavent through his depiction of a memorable character. Go see it!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 30, 2013
Very engaging. Great storytelling!... full review
LIZ YOUNG certified reviewer June 25, 2013
The voice of BobbyWood is sentimental without being predictable…it takes us on an adventure and transports us to another time. Without any visuals, just the powerful and poignant voice of Bill Ratner, we encounter characters from his past and a life is revealed. The storytelling is compelling and convincing. A one man shows that feels like an ensemble. ... full review
DEAN WHITE certified reviewer June 07, 2013
Bill Ratner is a great performer! He understands the audience and crafts his story telling to captivate, entice, and lead you down a path of humor, discovery and transparency. Through his imagery I found moments in my life that related to his story. I was left pondering Bill's life, his uncle Bobby's from I Love Lucy, and my own. I highly recommend seeing Bobbywood and soaking in the performance of Bill Ratner. Your heart will thank you. ... full review
COLLEEN WAINWRIGHT certified reviewer June 07, 2013
One part cautionary tale, two parts picaresque adventure, a finger (or two) of bottom-shelf bourbon, and a twist of redemption, Bill Ratner's tale of a faded star and the boy who was dazzled by him is 100% delightful. A superb bit of theater from a storyteller at the tippy-top of his game. Go! Go! Go!... full review
PAT MUSICK certified reviewer June 07, 2013
A wonderful time travel back to the early days of TV through the eyes of a grade A raconteur. Billy Ratner does it all and takes you with him as he finds his long lost uncle and gets schooled in the ways of tinseltown and life. Funny, smart, and full of heart. And Jonathan Menchen on the keyboard adds just the right tone to keep you in the mood. Don't miss this hour, it goes by too quickly.... full review
ERIN MOORE certified reviewer June 07, 2013
This show should be on everyone's must see list! It's fun hour that keeps you laughing and smiling. Bill Ratner is a masterful storyteller that keeps you captivated as he explains how he met his Uncle Bobby. Accompaniment by Jonathan Menchin adds just the right touch to create a nostalgic Hollywood feel! ... full review
MARK HERSCOVITZ certified reviewer June 07, 2013
A heartwarming performance with humor, suspense, and passion. A story and a storyteller like no other! I felt like I was transformed into the past as Bill intricately described his meeting of his Uncle Bobby the actor - as if I was a fly on his shoulder watching the events as they unfolded. Fantastic! I didn't want it to end. Don't miss it!... full review
ALEX KNOX certified reviewer June 07, 2013
Bill Ratner creates a heartfelt and eloquent tribute to his uncle Bobby. Meeting Bobby is at times shocking, hilarious, cringe-worthy -- but Ratner navigates his uncle's charms and foibles like an Olympic hurdler. The ultimate tribute (and to me, one of the most magical onstage moments of recent memory) is watching Ratner re-enact a classic radio drama live on stage. With seamless musical accompaniment and Ratner's deft vocal characterizations, a bygone era comes to life before your eyes. And if that's not enough, there's also a juicy peek behind the glitzy curtains of the legendary sitcom "I Love Lucy." Treat yourself to a summer getaway and spend an hour in BOBBYWOOD. You'll be glad you did (and you'll never feel quite the same when you pa... full review
ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 09, 2013
Fellow Des Moines native Bill Ratner effortlessly transports us to back to the golden age of Hollywood and exposes it for what it truly was (and still is in some cases). If you've ever had a dream about making it big - and who hasn't in this town - go see this show. ... full review