Homegrown Collective: Coming Home to the Soul

Musicals & Operas · homegrown recording & collective · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere

Come see Homegrown Collective open up their hearts and voices to remind you of the power of healing through music, friends, food, and community, as they embark on writing an original song over the course of a single day. It is a powerful story from dark to light, an exploration of the soul, and a healing journey that encourages all of us to let go of  our past traumas through love and connection.

 Homegrown Collective is a soulful community based in Los Angeles with a mission to provide a creative and accepting space for artists to create music. Connection to community, the earth and our inner child are core components of their musical creation. Our mission is awakening through authentic musical expression.

Production Team

jonny perl *


danny pravder  *

music producer/artist

christopher lee *

producer/technical director

manoela wunder 


isaac mailach *


mina bloom *

music director/artist

catriona fray *


alena bernardi *


* Fringe Veteran