Homegrown Collective: Coming Home to the Soul

Musicals & Operas · homegrown recording & collective · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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MARGARET MENDENHALL certified reviewer June 26, 2023
tagged as: immersive · joyful
This show was an immersion in love and joy for two hours. Highly recommended!... full review
KAREN HALL certified reviewer June 20, 2023
The musicianship of the band was phenomenal. Full of energy and an enjoyable experience.... full review
RACHEL C certified reviewer June 20, 2023
tagged as: unique · memorable · Sublime · extraordinary
SPECTACULAR. MUST SEE. This was a FABULOUS artistic creation. Coming Home to the Soul is a truly esthetic and emotional journey, I was submerged by the beauty of the music from beginning to the end, I connected to the universal depth and truth of the story, I was amazed and touched by the talent, warmth and authenticity of the performers. I definitely dropped some tears as it was so touching and profound. I also laughed a lot. It was a rollercoaster of fantastic emotions. The writing was poetic, fun and deeply philosophical at the same time, genius! I would see it over and over again if I could!! One of a kind, a true jewel.... full review
BASIL PAV certified reviewer June 19, 2023
I loved the music, the band was great and having them on stage was a great change of pace for musical theater. The story was very relatable (as a creator) but can be associated with day to day life as well. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 14, 2023
An emotional roller coaster with laughter, spontaneous clapping to the music from multiple songs to crying throughout. I tried to hold in my tears in Act 1 like the rest of the audience, then let my tears flow with the rest of the audience in Act 2 through the lobby meet and greet. The actors and music were incredible. The only play or musical that I have seen with total immersion from the actors, the musicians on stage and the audience ... is that the Fifth Wall? ... full review
NOEL KATZ certified reviewer June 18, 2023
tagged as: mellifluous · creative · wondrous
Wild, unstructured, but never boring, this music theatre "happening" captivated with bewitching and lively music, solid "girl power" vibe, virtuosic musicianship and luscious harmonies. It walked a fine line, covering some serious subjects without ever getting preachy or somber. Recommended for adventurous audiences.... full review
PATRICK BOYLAN certified reviewer June 18, 2023
tagged as: inner child · flowers · soulful · joyful · music
Hair but with funky, soulful music and an enjoyable and sweet through line. The five female leads had tight harmonies, and the band was right there with them. Fantastic!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2023
Music was good. Singing was good. They also have a coffee bar on the first floor with pretty reasonable prices for LA. You can put in an order in advance for something to eat or drink for intermission.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2023
Too retro.... full review