Alena Bernardi

Alena grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan in a grey brick house that stood on a dirt road with 3 acres of land. As a five year old Alena used to listen to her mother stumble through and eventually master traditional piano classics from Beethoven to Debussy. At seven Alena finally had begged her mom enough for lessons that they signed her up. It was around then that the Phantom of the Opera was in the midst of touring around the states and at a request to her mother to accompany her in the 2nd grade talent show singing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic; Angel of Music, Alena was off to developing an addiction to the style that perfectly blends musical theatre and classical music (weather it’s healthy addiction or not is still up for debate).

Alena’s musical interests blossmed as a pre-teen with the rise of the boy band and the epic female popstar. Wholed up in her basement for hours on end with her new karaoke machine, Alena would sing and dance to early 2000’s classics like NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid” and Christina Aguilera’s “Come On Over.” Needless to say she has always been an eclectic child and continues to unapologetically use her love of pop, musical theatre, and classical music in all of her writing.

Now grown, Alena has uncovered a passion for writing fun comedic musicals that give a voice to the life of the modern women; hence the birth of Swiped APPily Ever After; The Musical which premieres June 21st at The Hudson Theatres in Hollywood for this years 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Alena released a full length album in March 2018 titled BEAUTIFUL MOMENT. Other credits include Barbarina in The Marriage of Figaro, Musetta in La Boheme, and Rapunzel in Into the Woods. Find more about what Alena is up to around town and listen to her music at