Arizona Rain

Drama · nightmare lizards productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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GEORGE WHITE certified reviewer June 28, 2023
I love this story. Each member of the cast was individually very strong, and they came together well to create a range of characters and moments. Very much interesting. full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2023
This show made me gay. ... full review
TIMOTHY BURRIS certified reviewer June 23, 2023
tagged as: liberating · reflective · introspective · real
A moving and very real story. It shows a real person unpacking real trauma in a real way. Yet it finds the highs and lows and keeps it equal parts fun and moving.... full review
JILL YOUNG certified reviewer June 20, 2023
tagged as: gay · Arizona · Truth · hamsters · trauma
A thoughtful and intimate show about trauma-- what we do to process, and the ways it holds us back in relationships. The dialogue was funny and real, and thoughtful moments flowed easily into silly sweet ones. Each member of the cast was individually very strong, and they came together well to create a range of characters and moments. I loved the way phone calls were represented in this show. ... full review
ARIEL JIMENEZ certified reviewer June 20, 2023
A raw and honest play about regrets and trauma. I found myself laughing and crying multiple times throughout this play. The acting was just so incredible and the lights/sounds/use of staging was just perfect. Everything here worked. The writing was tight and more importantly believable. I genuinely felt like this was a real night that really happened among 2 friends. The progression between conversations never felt corny or clunky it all felt so natural. The conversation between the 2 leads was just so honest yet I felt like there was plenty left unsaid. This was just a really well done play that I'll think about for awhile. ... full review
SUTICHAI SAVATHASUK certified reviewer June 16, 2023
tagged as: emotional · humor · must-see · mortality · relatable · sapphic · Love · Authentic · post-trauma · play · trans · human · Raw
A must-see play that involves the rawest characters focusing on the post-trauma from a life-threatening situation as a wake-up call to presenting the heart's truth in the face of mortality. The actors are incredibly human and natural. The layers of uncovering the character's relationship with another are well-paced with all the subtle reactions, movements, and body cues. ... full review
BRIT BALTAZAR certified reviewer June 16, 2023
tagged as: sapphic · gay · queer · dramedy · funny · Beautiful · compelling · brilliant
9/10 - When hit with near-death experiences, our lizard instincts kick in, our true natures unearth, and we're compelled to face the hard truths of our lives and the people we hold dearest... whether we'd like to accept it or not. The themes and lessons of this play were crystal clear and VERY relatable to me. I'm queer and grew up in Phoenix, AZ, so there were so many little details that felt almost as if they were specially written for me to witness. The acting, writing, and staging showed that this was created by people who KNOW and LOVE theatre! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole show! ... full review
JASMIN PLEASE certified reviewer June 16, 2023
tagged as: interesting · original · funny · sweet
Super sweet, moving and funny! ... full review
JAXX THEATRICALS certified reviewer June 16, 2023
Overall good acting.... full review
MICHAEL DINARDO certified reviewer June 15, 2023
8.5/10 - The story was straightforward yet layered, the splicing of the main duo's interactions by including side characters helped keep the pace and levity of the show together, and the show had a strong, cohesive set of themes from beginning to end. Dealing with identity, love, relationships, acceptance, regret, existentialism, religion, family, all wrapped up in a neat little bow of a play mainly between two people. For a one hour play, it felt like there was 90 minutes worth of content packed in there, in the best way possible. Acting choices were all around great, set design was effective, lighting helped differentiate scenes, and sound design added a bit of additional humor. Highly recommend this show.... full review