Jill Young (they/she)

Actor, Writer, Comedian

I’ve had a passion for entertainment since the age of seven, when I wrote a short fictional book entitled Jill and the Headless Chicken, and continued to develop this into an avante-garde-theatre-piece-meets-experimental-comedy that toured various relatives’ living rooms for the 2005 holiday season. Following this debut piece, I performed in a series of successively less-mediocre school plays through high school, where I discovered comedy improv and sold my soul for good. I graduated mid-pandemic with BFA in Acting and Certificate in Creative Writing from UT Austin, where I was in several main-stage productions, regularly performed as part of two comedy improv teams, and created films, including my debut feature, Dear Leo. I’ve recently returned to my hometown of Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. I have a particular interest in clown, character-based comedy, queer narratives, and live performance.