Refuge (WINNER of Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award)

pavan j singh · Ages 16+ · Singapore

Content Warning one person show
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GIANCARO DAMIANI certified reviewer June 29, 2023
"Refuge," a captivating one-man show written and performed by the talented Pavan J Singh, takes audiences on an emotional journey through the harrowing experiences of a displaced individual turned refugee. This original play skillfully captures the essence of a personal struggle against the backdrop of a world in chaos. Through the eyes of Braham, an ordinary shopkeeper thrust into extraordinary circumstances, the audience is taken on a expedition from the gradual destruction of his hometown to the difficult decision of fleeing with his family in search of safety. Pavan J Singh's powerful performance brings forth the full range of emotions as Braham confronts the perils, encounters both compassionate allies and exploitative individuals, a... full review
DAVID WADDLETON certified reviewer June 27, 2023
I was pulled into the story and wanted it to continue after it ended! He was very authentic and felt he was telling a story about himself. Very well done. Went through emotions of joy and sadness. A rollercoaster... full review
CYANNE MCCLAIRIAN certified reviewer June 27, 2023
Just. WOW! This show literally left me speechless. Sooo incredibly powerful! I was on board from the first moment for this heartbreaking journey. I laughed. I sobbed. I even jumped out of my seat at one point, because I was so right there with him. And I was gifted with some much needed chocolate! This show is so poignant & timely. And definitely NOT to be missed. Stories like this happen way more often than we want to believe, yet they are not shown in the news or anything main stream hardly at all. THANK YOU Pavan, for your bravery in shining a light on the humanity. I don't say this lightly, but everyone NEEDS to see this show! ... full review
MATTHEW MARTIN certified reviewer June 27, 2023
I was sincerely blown away by this show. Right from the start, I was drawn into Pavan's script. As a performer, he is so captivating and enganging. His ability to utilize his space, his props, and his physicality to create every moment is amazing. I was truly impressed by the casualness of the dialogue and the description of each scene. I could easily see every location he was taking us into and could picture every character he described. The story itself was not only compelling, but unapologetic in its honesty and realness. His chracter is so vulnerable and dense that your heart breaks with each struggle he and his family endure. There are moments you could feel your heartbeat pause, and moments where your heart just couldn't beat f... full review
MICHELLE GILLIAM certified reviewer June 25, 2023
tagged as: epic
This show was captivating from the moment it started until the lights went out. Laughter, tears and everything in between. It was also an eye opener to a story that is common for many but so very rarely seen, heard or thought about for others, including myself. This show is epic and I hope it gets a long run somewhere soon. I hope I get to see an encore performance this week. ... full review