Refuge (WINNER of Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award)

pavan j singh · Ages 16+ · Singapore

Content Warning one person show

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Refuge, a winner of the Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award, is an original one-man play, written and performed by Singapore-based, Malaysian actor and theatre artist Pavan J Singh. It tells the story of an individual’s perilous journey as he unwillingly leaves the comfort of his home, and becomes a refugee. Told from the perspective of the protagonist – Braham, an ordinary shopkeeper in a distant land, the play is a literal journey from the point when his hometown is slowly attacked and destroyed, part-by-part. As the destruction and carnage gets closer to his own home, he makes the very difficult decision to take his family and run for safety, by whatever means necessary. Along the way, he is helped by some, taken advantage of by others, and has his and his family’s lives threatened on numerous occasions. In the process, he reminisces about the many priceless memories he will have to leave behind, and how his life was as beautiful, as real and as human as any of us.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran