Pavan J Singh (he/him)

Theatre Artist, Actor

Pavan J Singh is a Singapore-based actor and theatre artist with over 20 years of experience. Over the years, he has worked with prominent theatre companies in Singapore and Malaysia as well as film production houses in Singapore. At present, he is also a comedy improvisor with Improvanopolis (Eclectic Bison Productions), as well as cast and founding member of sketch comedy group Otters United Funny Club. Pavan was Co-Artistic Director of a local theatre company- Skinned Knee Productions, for 7 years, until 2017. Under that banner, he wrote, performed, directed and produced a dozen theatre productions or theatre-based works for both artistic and commercial endeavours. Such works were created both independently as well as in collaboration with other organisations for corporate and educational events. Outside of performing he continues to write, direct and produce works for the theatre as a solo artist, and is a part-time lecturer and director of student productions. He works mostly with LASALLE College of the Arts and since 2011, he has taught subjects such as Comedy, Improvisation or Acting to students in the Diploma and BA programmes.