Under the Influence

the unknown artists · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

WINNER – Best of Broadwater Award

WINNER – Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award

NOMINEE – Theatre Theater Playwright Award


Eve’s relationship with Guy was digitally electric and accumulated a high algorithm of followers. In other words: lots of people tuned in on social media for their love story. Now they’ve broken up and are wrestling with who they are as influencers versus their true selves. Two of their most dedicated followers feel it their duty to weigh in on Eve’s grieving process from two very different sides of the social media coin. Can one get through the five stages of grief in a healthy way after succumbing to the obsessive grip of social media? Who are we without people on the internet telling us how to feel?


Written by Pam Eberhardt

Directed by Lucas Alifano


Production Team

emily clark *


meghan allison *


pam eberhardt *


* Fringe Veteran