Solo Show · hoo hah house productions · Ages 21+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Content Warning one person show
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CARLO PANNO certified reviewer June 23, 2023
A fourth-wall-shattering stylized look at the life of a twentysomething woman and the men who — let's say "don't value her as a human being." Now funny, now scary, now satirical, now a nightmare that gets even worse. Hard-hitting and worth seeing. ... full review
MEG CASHEL certified reviewer June 23, 2023
ughhh it punched me in the gut. I was really impressed by the design and the tech elements, and Everleigh is an incredibly bold, interesting and dynamic performer. I found it really uncomfortable to watch and I think that was the point - bold, balls to the wall work. ALSO it was cool to see her play both this part and Jackie!! Similarities, but the energy placement (this is cheesy hear me out) was different - I felt like Jackie's energy and drive came from chest and this character's energy (I can't remember her name damnit) came from deep in her gut. ... full review
MADELINE GILLETTE certified reviewer June 23, 2023
Gut-wrenching and visceral (as trauma can be), Brave Face tells a story that countless survivors of SA could relate to through the experiences of Em. Reminiscent of Promising Young Woman, Em carries her pain into her adult life, taking it upon herself to enact revenge on the misogynists around her as surrogates for her first attacker. Packed with harsh imagery and dark comedy as a bandaid for the wounds of reality, this can be a triggering watch for some, but feel like sweet justice to others.... full review
PATRICK CHAVIS la theatre bites - podcast certified reviewer June 20, 2023
8.2 out of 10 – Good Show! LA Theatre Bites Recommended! Click the link below to learn more: full review
RONI GAYER certified reviewer June 20, 2023
Brave Face is a thought-provoking, vulnerable, and intense piece about sexual assault. It is cinematic, captivating, and electrifying.... full review
JAIDYN RUMPCA certified reviewer June 19, 2023
tagged as: inspiring · Feminist · powerful
Brave Face is an absolute must-see show. It is rich in humor, emotion, and talent. Everleigh’s ability to engage the audience while portraying an intricate storyline is unmatched. Maria, the director, has perfected her craft - from the special effects to the lighting and music - it was a beautiful and immersive experience. The show’s writing highlights important feminist messages in an artistic and thought-provoking manner. It is not only incredibly entertaining, but relatable for many. It seeks to and succeeds at spreading a powerful message. Overall, I cannot recommend Brave Face enough! I hope to see it again soon! ... full review
MATTHEW MARTIN certified reviewer June 19, 2023
tagged as: heartbreaking · brutal · vulnerable · honest · electric
I have to begin by commenting on my intrigue upon reading the blurb that describes this show as using multimedia, as that can go several different ways. Let me say just how blown away I was by the usage of media in this show. Not only was the writing, directing and performing at its best, but the seamless blend of video and audio to aid in the story telling was just incredible. Now, that being said, let's really talk about just how brilliant this piece is. For a short (40min) production, you are not only taken to a very vulnerable, and dark place, with our main character, but you are rocked to the core and sent mind blown out into the world when it's over. I was completely mesmorized by Everleigh's performance, and writing. She is so b... full review
SAM HENDRIAN certified reviewer June 18, 2023
tagged as: important · empathetic
An earnest and cinematic character study that beautifully explores the trauma caused by sexual assault, and that fosters wonderful waves of empathy.... full review
ANIA FLANIGAN certified reviewer June 17, 2023
This play inspired me to admit the hurt I feel from the world. Em’s character unapologetically tells & shows us just how much fury exists from within one woman, and in doing so inspired me to imagine a world in which more women collectively empower one another to be angry. Really angry. Who stole your power? Who made you feel small? Who objectified your body & decided your worth to them based on the shape of your body? We see Em’s subconscious beg her to slow down & be good to herself, to take care of herself when no one else will, and we feel the frustration as she takes revenge on those who have wronged her while simultaneously shifting her energy towards self-destruct mode…but is it really the Self that’s doing the destructing? Go see thi... full review
EBONY RATTLE certified reviewer June 17, 2023
An incredible tour-de-force piece exploring the intricacies of a woman living in modern society. Funny, heartbreaking, and at times horrific, but brutally honest, open and raw, Brave Face is a story that simultaneously reflects one woman and every woman all at once. ... full review