Things to Avoid in a Eulogy

Drama · gray area productions · Ages 17+ · 75 mins to 90 mins · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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SHERLY SOSA certified reviewer June 05, 2023
One of the best plays I've ever experienced! Donnie Jarman is a wonderful writer and the actors executed his words so brilliantly. As Gen Z would say, "They killed it". I felt every moment, laughter and tears are always a surprising combination. If you don't go see this play you're missing out. ... full review
VIOLA TOZIER certified reviewer June 06, 2023
First, I loved it. I did find the subject matter heartbreaking. Cancer is always hard. This woman became her own pity party after she had pushed away everyone in her life and then realized she did need companionship to help her through her final days. After all, who wants to die alone? In so doing, she placed an ad in the paper, probably not caring who answered it. I felt that she was a testament to the fact that we all need someone.... full review
MELISSA RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 05, 2023
This was an incredible show--I HIGHLY recommend. The story was quite heartbreaking but equally beautiful and a true depiction of life. The two actresses who played the leads had wonderful chemistry with one another and were captivating to watch. The unlikely friendship between an older woman dying of cancer and her Gen Z caretaker united our generations in a humorous yet genuine way. This play was so well executed and left many of the audience members (including myself) in tears.... full review
RICH GROSSO certified reviewer June 05, 2023
Things To Avoid In A Eulogy should be on your must see list. Stand out performances. The writing was at a level that one rarely sees. Wonderfully directed. At times I wasn't sure where they were taking us, yet I was thoroughly enjoying the journey. This beautiful play takes you on an emotional ride and totally sticks the landing. All that were involved in this production should be really proud of themselves.... full review
GORETI DA SILVA certified reviewer June 05, 2023
Things To Avoid In A Eulogy was a heartwarming, funny, beautiful story that gave me all the feels.... full review
FRANK BEZBATCHENKO certified reviewer June 05, 2023
Well acted, lots of emotion from both characters. Little dark but with great humor mixed in. Worth the time to watch and leaves you thinking. ... full review
KATHLEEN PICHE certified reviewer June 04, 2023
tagged as: deep. · humorous · clever · Heart-felt · Authentic
There are very few times that I've attended small theater and felt rewarded, uplifted and truly lucky to see the production. Today, that was reversed when I saw the opening performance of "Things to Avoid in a Eulogy." I can honestly say that the writing, acting and production values gelled perfectly to provide a feel-good experience out of the tragedy of the two characters on stage--an older woman dying of cancer and the Gen Z youth she hires to wait out the end with her. I don't think Donny Jarman, the author of this gem, missed any important emotional nuggets of the two characters' lives. Bravo! And all others, please see this show, you will not be disappointed!... full review
BRIANNA VAJNAR certified reviewer June 04, 2023
tagged as: Comedy drama
This show was so wonderful. It was a perfect combination of comedy and tragedy. You could really tell the passion and care that went into this program. Overall a wonderful performance and play. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2023
Excellent heartfelt, beautifully written play, crackling dialogue, and terrific performances by two very talented actors, run to see this!!... full review