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mark vigeant · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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RILEY SMITH certified reviewer June 06, 2023
Mark is hilarious! He reminds me of a young Jim Carrey. This high energy, wacky one man show is non-stop funny. Mark commits 150% to every bit. He makes some very very funny faces. He has a great physical stage presence and he seems like a super nice guy. Mark my be trying to please people less, but he pleased the hell out of everyone in the audience... full review
CHRIS FARAH certified reviewer June 15, 2023
I adored this show, it's funny and full of heart and Mark is so present and engaging (plus a phenomenal writer), but what is remarkable is his physicality and command of instrument combined with an overall trust that makes it a JOY to behold his work.... full review
RONI GAYER certified reviewer June 16, 2023
Wow! I loved this so much! So much energy, heart, and talent into one show. Mark is a machine! He is so energetic and lovable, that it's clear why so many think of him as a best friend (as an audience member, I felt like that's my best friend up there). ... full review
CLAIRE WOOLNER certified reviewer June 25, 2023
tagged as: character · absurd · energetic · solo show · Comedy
Its amazing that Mark is still breathing after he has finished this show--let alone ever able to do it again. He gives his all and brings you right along with him in this incredibly honest, yet totally bizarre wild ride of a show. He pushes you just enough but reels you in with true beauty. This show can encourage us all to have more compassion for ourselves and learn to love our authentic needs. So sweet (and I'm talking about creme savors here). ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2023
a wonderful comedy! mark is excellent at balancing comedy and vulnerability. had me on my toes the entire time... full review
MICHAEL CHOE certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Excellent performance. Very animated and fast-paced, Mark will leave you at the edge of your seat. He not only shares with us fragments of his personal life, but he also takes a head-on approach on struggles that most, if not all of us, go through at some point in our lives--whether we admit to it or not. The show portrays an honest, witty angle on an otherwise serious topic, with a story that was as enlightening as it was entertaining.... full review
KALEO ASTORGA certified reviewer June 23, 2023
As someone who has had the pleasure of seeing Mark’s show at San Diego Fringe before seeing it here, I can confirm that Mark’s performance quality has stayed so consistent. He’s always looking for the humor in every situation and brings 110% every show. This guy is extremely entertaining very hard working, and if there’s one show to check out in Hollywood, Harrisburg, or Edinburgh, it’s Mark Vigeant’s.... full review
ALEX KERN certified reviewer June 23, 2023
Mark is a force to be reckoned with. This show was a rocket launch from the very beginning and never stopped. Mark jumps from one character to the next with precision and joy unlike I have ever seen onstage.... full review
EMMA IRENE OLSON certified reviewer June 23, 2023
tagged as: one man show · self-love · goofy · hilarious
I loved this so much. A silly and wonderful celebration of simply being who you are! While it's about Mark, I related to so much of what he shared and loved getting to watch someone connect to their own inner child in the funniest way.... full review
JONATAN PINKE certified reviewer June 23, 2023
This show was an energy bomb and an invitation to look into yourself and love what you see! ... full review