DISROBED - Live on Stage!

troy matthew peterson productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity
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ANDY WASIF certified reviewer June 10, 2023
This was as unique a theatre experience as I've ever had. A fun comedy done in the nude. ... full review
LINDA WEBER certified reviewer June 23, 2023
"Disrobed - Live on Stage!" is a great show whether you subscribe to the nudist philosophy or not. It portrays how people would really act if they were in the same predicament as Eric is with meeting Skye's family. It was an absolutely wonderful show and I highly recommend it if you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet.... full review
GLEN MOORE certified reviewer June 13, 2023
I enjoyed the show very much. From the beginning set up through to the moment of acceptance, I was interested and involved with their story. Nudism and naturalism are new grounds for me and I went in being a bit apprehensive about being in a naked environment but the space felt very safe and welcoming. The play also addresses the issue well and really drives home the point of how silly the shame we make of our naked bodies should be. By the end of the show I was as comfortable as the main character had become. The actors were having so much fun on that stage that I felt just like a member of the family by the end of the play. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2023
Very interesting...lots to look at!... full review
RICHARD LUCAS certified reviewer June 09, 2023
A fun show that meets its Meet the Parents expectation, as offered in the show description, dead center. So you can expect the laughs and silliness and comedic awkwardness, but here it’s dressed up in the garb of Naturism, that is, completely undressed. Fast paced comedy and buoyant performances make the hour fly by. The show itself is not just a show done in the nude, it has a Naturism point of view within the text which Steven Vlasak slides into the comedy seamlessly, even with no seams to be seen. Perhaps society is too tightly bound to its threads. Perhaps we’re all missing out on honoring the beauty and purity that is the gift of the ah naturale. That said, I attended the clothing optional preview and chose the clothing option. It shoul... full review
SUSAN WINSBERG certified reviewer June 10, 2023
Although this play was a comedy, and was indeed very funny, I thought its significance went way beyond that. The Naturist philosophy was front and center and was extremely thought-provoking, albeit couched in an amusing family farce. I appreciate when a play is multi-layered like that.... full review
SUTICHAI SAVATHASUK certified reviewer June 25, 2023
tagged as: body acceptance · fun · nudity · seek discomfort · Comedy · silly · play · natural · naked truth · Raw · bare
A very silly, wacky play of embracing your raw, natural self. The characters were incredibly bare. I like the leg up in creativity of letting every body participate in decently exposing themselves with consent to make everyone comfortable with being open about themselves. This show really offers insight to those who may be clothes-minded.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2023
I love attending the play DISROBED. See what I did there? This Hollywood Fringe Festival production is a joy on multiple levels. The stage production itself is a delightful, entertaining, sometimes hilarious portrayal of culture clash -- not conservatives vs liberals, or realists vs idealists, but in this case "textiles" vs "naturists." Homo sapiens who wear clothes and homo sapiens who don't. It would be well worth seeing even without the twist. But yes, there is a twist. Since the play is about a family whose members do not wear clothes, it only seems right that the audience members do not wear clothes. And we don't. MANDATORY audience nudity. Obviously this isn't for everyone. But if you have ever wondered abou... full review
KOUSHIK C certified reviewer June 13, 2023
It's a really cute and good production!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2023
tagged as: hilarious
The show was hilarious! A nude “Meet the Parents”. After a few minutes, the nudity didn’t matter anymore and all you focused on was the family dynamic.... full review