Cadenza | Sci-fi Thriller

ezekiel theatre company · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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SOCKS WHITMORE certified reviewer July 09, 2023
Fans of the "Escape Room" or "Cube" films will likely be drawn to this work—CADENZA is a smartly-crafted psychological thriller that challenges us to ask what we believe makes a person irredeemable, if such people are capable of change, and what punishments truly fit the crime.... full review
VEE KUMARI certified reviewer June 10, 2023
Brilliant writing by Cameron, outstanding direction by Soo, Cadenza is a masterpiece. Having been a neuroscientist, my mind had stayed within the known realms as a teacher but now goes crazy with the possibilities such as the one in this show. Watching Cadenza ignited that feeling in my mind again! It utilizes human behavior as the basis and shows how much behavior can be manipulated by the right kinds of suggestions. The idea of the experiement was awesome. The four players are like caged rats, reactive to threats and manipulations and caught in an endless cycle. The acting was down-to-earth, believable enough for the disparate characters. All in all, a very promising writer and an ingenious director made the characters and the theme keep t... full review
RODY VILLEGAS certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Cadenza has a magnificent overarching story with a great cast. I’m always a fan of science fiction theatre especially when we’re treated to a thriller/horror play! The world of the play is delightfully dark and gritty with incredible moments of suspense that’ll keep your mouth wide open. ... full review
KEITH EICH certified reviewer July 08, 2023
The production was crisp and refreshing. The story bounces in my head as I try to reconcile the story, the message and the outcome. The actors did a great job pulling me into the experience and show their joy in a very real way. The concept was unique and provided a simple framework but with incredible depth. I’d like to watch it again and would recommend it!... full review
MICHAELA SKARIBAS certified reviewer June 10, 2023
A really facinating concept that was well executed. I enjoyed this show thoroughly!... full review
E.R. RUIZ certified reviewer June 08, 2023
tagged as: Mysterious · exciting · Suspencefull
I really like that the show kept you on the edge not knowing what will happen next. The pacing was excellent and there was a bit of humor, giving balance to seriousness of the characters situation... full review
GRIFFITH OREILLY certified reviewer June 03, 2023
Absolutely loved the show. Really different and innovative. Enjoy my evening show and got home to the West. Side by 8pm.... full review
HOWARD KUNG certified reviewer June 26, 2023
I was incredibly impressed by the play, especially with it being the writer's first production. Right off the bat, the concept hooked my interest and didn't let go until the very end.... full review
BERT YUN certified reviewer June 12, 2023
It was a brilliant progress of the plot, starting with humurous and casual atmosphere, naturally building into tension, further progession into making audience to reflect about self, and the message spoken at the right moment. I was able to experience the well designed structure of the flow, reflecting how the writer was meticulous in every scene. Essential topics in theology and philosophy was well engraved in various conversation making the audience of both christians and non christians to think. Every scenes and conversations had a reason. They were all playing there roll to build sculptures of ideas, questions, and the essential world view of the writer. I was able to see where the writer was at in his life journey as wel... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2023
The show was absolutely fantastic! It was exquisitely written, masterfully directed, and the performances were filled with incredible energy. What truly stood out were the countless moments that caught me off guard and defied all predictability, which was incredibly refreshing. It was truly an inspiring experience.... full review