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Content Warning Pay What You Can world premiere


WINNER of MB Stage Productions “No Room in the Green Room” Award! 

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Annex is a dark comedy of queer family, mental illness, and magical realism. Elliot is a single parent who’s never had full custody of their trans teenage son due to ongoing mental health issues. Their friends Michael and Lee, who helped raise the Kid, are looking for ways to move forward in their lives. Their best friend Georgia is less available than ever due to a new relationship. Frustrated by the ongoing demands of balancing a job as a tarot-reading advice columnist, aspirations as a parent, and their role as community oracle, Elliot conjures a mysterious entity known as Belinda Carlisle. At first, the talking bowl of pink light seems like a miracle cure, providing Elliot with energy, focus, and stability that they hope will allow them to show up for their son and friends. But as Elliot becomes more and more dependent on her help, Belinda Carlisle becomes something more threatening.

🤗 June 4th, 3 pm: Pay What You Can Preview

🔮 June 8th, 8:45 pm: Late Show, Tarot Afterparty @ The Zephyr Courtyard. Bring an ex you’re still friends with and get a free pin to commemorate the show.

🍹 June 17th, 3:45 pm: Happy Hour talkback with the cast, at The Comedy Nook!

☎️ June 23rd, 7 pm: Trans Lifeline Fundraiser (Donations @ door and 50% of ticket sales)

Tarot Art by Joy Rumore:

Poster by Skye Kim

Masks Required & Provided for all Showings of Annex

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran