This Vicious Minute

solo performance · bam · Ages 17+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 20, 2012
Ben Moroski spills his guts on stage with no apologies for one vicious minute as he delivers the most beautiful and poetic confession I've ever been privileged enough to witness. He is a master storyteller that instantly captivates you from the moment the lights go dark. THIS VICIOUS MINUTE, simply put, is the show you have to see at Fringe. GO!... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) certified reviewer June 23, 2012
This Vicious Minute has my formal review ( but to takes a lot of guts to present as shocking an autobiography as this. This is hard material for most people to acknowledge and yet, Ben Moroski puts himself out there for everyone. With what's happening with young people today, teens and tweens especially, this is a powerful recounting that really should be heard and experienced. We need to start listening to these kids. Ben is just a normal guy. And looking at the statistics, the YouTube videos, the online, print and late night news, I can't help but wonder, if other younger people were to hear someone who is just like them, talk about addi... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 14, 2012
Not for the faint of heart. While it definitely takes courage to bare so much of oneself and of one's addiction, I wasn't clear at first if there was a point to it all. I got the sense that the cutting was due to Ben's (although self-admitted during the show) need for attention, and the show just seems like the same need taken to the most extreme degree. I felt like little more than a cog in the performers vicious cycle of self-abuse, like an accidental Sisyphus - stumbling into this constant, horrifying, never-ending ordeal with no end in sight except the raising of the house lights. When I left the theatre I felt as brutalized as the performer's scarred and burnt body, and yet I'm strangely glad I saw it. Despite myself I feel hope fo... full review
DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 14, 2012
Vicious recounts Moroski's struggle with self-mutilation, as well as with love, sex, and his church. They all get wrapped up in each other, one feeding on another, cycling, expounding. While Moroski did not begin cutting until he was seventeen, he starts his story four years previously, as a newly teenage boy, freshly saved from a religious retreat. He arrives at home eager to begin his life of personal purity void of lust, kissing, and masturbation. He could be good – righteous - if he could be strong enough ... Please read the rest of the review at <a href="">Cinesnatch</a>.... full review