It's Who You Know

Solo Show · a twainsbrain production · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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ROB SHEPPE certified reviewer June 13, 2022
tagged as: life lessons · sad · Comedy · heartfelt · celebrity · funny
This is a hysterical and heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of life -- by way of celebrity encounters -- as told by Chambers Stevens. In his decades of living in Los Angeles, he's bumped into just about every celebrity you can name and each one has a story -- and a lesson. ... full review
LINDA HOM certified reviewer July 12, 2022
tagged as: Absolutely amusing
It was very interesting to hear all the stories in Chambers' life. I can see through his stories that his life is very entertaining.... full review
ASHLYNN JUDY certified reviewer June 20, 2022
Chambers is born to tell stories - It was a joy to watch him perform ... full review
ERNEST BALENZUELA certified reviewer June 13, 2022
tagged as: heroes journey
It was a joy to see someone who coaches, writes, critics, produces, runs lights, and hammers stage sets during many a tech week take center stage. This fringe2022 play is a dramatization of actual playwriter’s life involving the places he has been and the many people that he has encountered in his life. ... full review
GABRIELLA GRAVES certified reviewer June 13, 2022
It's Who You Know was mindblowingly incredible. It will make you laugh and cry, and you won't want to leave. Chambers Stevens is an amazing storyteller, drawing you right into his world! The fun, exciting way in which he tells his stories will transport you right there with him, whether it's onto the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, into the dim light of a Wendy's dining room, or around the dinner table trading stories with his family. Honestly, I didn't want the show to be over. I can't wait to see it again! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2022
Stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and go see this show!!!!! Chambers is a fantastic story teller and he uses this gift to draw you in and you hang on every word he says. I laughed, I cried (a few times), I didn't want it to end. This was a show where I felt like I was in his living room hanging out and just sharing stories together. Family friendly and SO MUCH FUN! I hope to get to see this one again VERY SOON!... full review
JUSTIN GRAVES certified reviewer June 12, 2022
I have been waiting to see this show for 8 years. Since the day I met Chambers I have loved hearing his stories. What an incredible story teller! I could sit and listen to Chambers tell stories all night long! This performance was full of laughs, tears and unbelievable tails that you can’t believe are true! The way he ties all of the stories together and brings you to the edge of your seat will leave you begging for more! ... full review
JOHN & CHERYL HALLCOCK certified reviewer June 12, 2022
I have been waiting to see this show even before Covid, and finally had my chance. It did not disappoint. It was funny, poignant and heart warming. Chambers is a terrific storyteller and draws you in with his effortless flow. A must see!... full review