Gabriella Graves

Gabriella Graves (or Gabi) is a Texas born actor who discovered her love of acting at the age of 4 while performing at a Children’s Theatre in San Antonio, TX. At the age of 8 she had the opportunity to showcase her talent and was quickly signed with a manager and agent in Los Angeles. Gabi has been blessed with work from the moment she arrived in Hollywood. She can be heard as the voice of twins Mary Pat and Bianca on the hit Netflix animated show Spirit Riding Free, Wren, the loud mouth boss on Amazon’s Costume Quest, as well as two lead roles, Sweetie in Disney Jr’s The Chicken Squad, and Maddy Yea in season 4 of Lego City Adventures. Gabriella also plays Delaware, the quirky best friend, on Disney Channel’s Coop and Cami Ask the World, Emily on ABC’s Alex, Inc, Young Peggy Carter on ABC’s Agent Carter and more . When she’s not working, Gabi’s passions are sharing music on her YouTube Channel playing guitar, ukulele and piano, writing stories, short films and music, reading every book she can get her hands on and working with her families nonprofit, I Am Courageous ( to create uplifting entertainment for ill children. Her motto she uses to encourage all she comes in contact with is: Dream Big~Be Kind~Love Always.