I Didn't Mean to Be a Virgin in the 80's

comedy · laura hayden · Ages 17+ · United States

one person show

Laura Hayden Presents
“I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80s”
A Love Letter To The Last Innocent Decade
Break out your Walkman, put on your leg warmers and get ready to Wang Chung to this multimedia comedy salute to the age of neon, big hair and awkward love. After getting left at the altar Laura Hayden spent the 80s chasing love, lust, infatuation and serious distraction — and found herself a perpetual virgin. All while the world was partying like its 1999. Painfully funny, “I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80s is Hot Tub Time Machine meets The 40 Year Old Virgin meets Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Fans get to “Flashdance” and cut “Footloose” to their long time favorites while they strut their parachute pants, acid washed jeans and lace fingerless gloves during this interactive one-woman show. Laura takes us back to the time before cell phones, before computers, before Starbucks and reminisces on the terror and hilarious reality of a girl coming of age in a time when Michael Jackson was still black, Madonna had meat on her bones and the world took its orders from Max Headroom.

Crack open a Bartles & Jaymes, dust off your spandex and come to the Fringe Festival.
Laura Hayden began doing comedy 11years ago as a New Year’s resolution and people have been laughing at her ever since. “I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80s had been percolating in her brain for years and her desire to bring it to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was motivated by her comedy idol Eddie Izzard. Laura has appeared in clubs, theatres, casinos and shacks all over the United States and several countries. She has performed at festivals in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle and Edinburgh, Scotland. Learn more about Laura by visiting www.laurahayden.com.

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