An Evening with "Marie Curie: Rogue Scientist"

theatre · twin pierrot · Ages 10+ · United States

family friendly one person show
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VASEK FRANK (CINESNATCH) certified reviewer June 09, 2012
I grew up hearing the name “Madame Curie,” which summons a salaciousness befitting a woman who runs a brothel. Rather ironically, her more patriarchal contemporaries probably preferred it that way. When you pronounce “Marie Curie" together, by a stretch, it sounds like it belongs on the Periodic Table of Elements, a place where the intelligent and ambitious pioneer felt most at home. Fittingly, An Evening with Marie Curie: Rogue Scientist is a reclamation of her accomplishments and what she struggled with to achieve them. The full-length play (with intermission) opens with some tinkling piano keys accenting a vile of glowing green radium illuminating the otherwise pitch-dark performance space. The lights edge up slightly to reveal the t... full review
GREGORY CRAFTS certified reviewer June 12, 2012
First and foremost, I liked this show. Mr. & Mrs. Morales' passion for Mme. Curie is evident in this show. It featured strong acting, simple but effective production values, and some strong, vivid storytelling. The only thing I would say is that the script could use a little more shaping. Mme. Curie spends two hours telling us about her life in the form of a long monologue. It's a story she tells well, but I found it hard for the show to keep my attention after a while because although the show had considerable breadth, I felt that it lacked depth. I would have enjoyed a little more focus on particular aspects of her life, and seeing them explored in greater detail, rather than the sprawling tale that was presented, but it's a trifle of ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2012
I was very pleased by the writing. The subject matter was not necessarily something that would enthrall most audiences, but the storytelling made all the difference. The play pulled me along, keeping my interest for the full two hours. Mrs. Morales is an excellent actress who can make you laugh with her or want to cry, all within a few minutes. I loved her performance. I would recommend the play to anyone who likes a good story, presented by an excellent storyteller.... full review