DOOMSDAY CABARET! A Rock Musical of Apocalyptic Proportions

musicals and operas · orgasmico theatre company · Ages 17+ · United States

world premiere
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ANWAR HOWARD certified reviewer June 11, 2012
This show exceeded my expectations by far. I normally don't like most musicals. However, the songs in this show had great lyrics, catchy tunes, and a great rock band accompanying the performers. The cast was so much fun to watch! They are a nice mix of crazy, quirky types, each with their own distinct personality. They also really know how to rock! The cast members could easily front their own rock bands. I was definitely impressed by their vocal performances. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who wants to have fun and laugh. The cast interacts with the audience and it's really fun to play along. It is a good time from beginning to end. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 17, 2012
I had earlier talked to Sandy Fury about this show, which she highly recommended. As my first foray this year into the musicals of Fringe had been such a disaster, I came to the performance with a bit of trepidation. However, I left having seen one of the best shows at Fringe. The concept of a "Final Summit" on End Times doctrine was fascinating - gathering all these "great minds" together on the day the Mayans proclaimed would be the end of the world, 12/21/2012, was in and of itself intriguing. The treatment was sheer brilliance. Every member of the cast has a tremendous voice - my socks were literally knocked off over and over again as each member took their time to perform. My favorites were David Haverty as Kurt Billie, the No... full review
JOSH EDELMANN certified reviewer June 19, 2012
What a great show! All of the actors gave great performances. Each of them had their own quirks which I could relate to. I was rocking out to the music and felt like I was part of the show. It was funny and the musical numbers were hilarious. If you want to see something new about the end of the world, this is it.... full review
MEREDITH SIMONDS certified reviewer June 17, 2012
From the moment you enter the theater, you know you're in for something special with Michael Shaw Fisher's "Doomsday Cabaret." So much so, I surprised myself by saying yes to the drawing of a Doomsday symbol on my forehead (after convincing myself surely they wouldn't dare use permanent ink). With that I took my seat, a smile on my face that stayed with me from beginning to end. The ensemble cast is an impressive one, with fave performances by David Haverty as pyro "Kurt Billie" and Michael Shaw Fisher himself as emcee "Eddie." Doomsday Cabaret is a fun, fabulous good time. Funny lyrics, good music, bold performances, a Fringe fave indeed!... full review
A D certified reviewer June 22, 2012
Talent abounds in this world's-end rock opera! The actors and band brought me to my knees (in my head) declaring my deepest darkest visions of humanity's end, all cloaked in the same fire & brimstone stage lighting. If anyone is inclined toward the godly, the agodly, the firey, the passionate, the impassioned or the stoned, they'll feel at home at the end.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2012
A high-octane, eight octave hour of fun. A can't miss musical.... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer July 14, 2012
Another great show - my second and my wife's first. We both loved it, loved the energy and loved everything about it. The cast is great, and so very friendly - thanks and kudos for a job very well done!... full review
ELLEN DOSTAL certified reviewer June 09, 2012
Nine random characters arrive in San Bernardino’s Community Center on December 12, 2012, the date believed by many to be the end of the world. There’s the rocker pyromaniac, the slut, the southern Christian couple, the Birkenstock bee environmentalist, the Web-bot obsessed nerd, the hippie messenger, the sleazy drugged-out emcee, and the New Age shepherd. Why they’ve gathered in this particular location is unclear, but each takes the mic and expresses his or her thoughts about life, philosophy, and the end of the world. Michael Shaw Fisher's show uses a cabaret/emcee format, as the title suggests, with the singers backed by a terrific Doomsday Band (Jonathan Hurley on guitar, Gene Ketcherside on bass guitar, Jose Perez on percussion, and ... full review
VASEK FRANK (CINESNATCH) certified reviewer June 12, 2012
“Everyday is closing day,” announces Eddy Suddick (Michael Shaw Fisher, who also wrote the book, lyrics, and music), the host of Doomsday Cabaret! It’s a new 60-minute rock musical of apocalyptic proportions (opera really, as most of it is sung) about a convention involving a motley congregation of zany characters sharing their own passionate, individual beliefs of just how exactly Armageddon is going wipe us all out. He kicks off the audience interaction with his organizer Jerald “Jerry” Cox (Chairman Barnes, dressed in a silk jacket and ponytail) greeting the audience into the house with a table of End of Days symbol choices (Barnes hilariously has the IEC 5009 power on/off button stamped upside down on his forehead). Much to my surpris... full review